HANDTAG project kickoff seminar | SeAMK

HANDTAG project kickoff seminar

HANDTAG – introducing best practices and innovative new initiatives to improve hand hygiene compliance in hospital and care institution environments to increase patient safety during and after pandemics

Target group

All who are interested in techniques and best practices for promoting good hand hygiene in healthcare.


2021-03-25, at 9:00-12:30 EET (8:00-11:30 CET)


Seminar is held online. We will send Teams link day before (on 2021-03-24) the seminar to the participants.

Content / program

9:00-9:20 (20 min)
Welcoming words, introductions of the seminar staff, the seminar program, and the HANDTAG project.
Jussi Rasku (EPKY)

9:20-09:50 (3 x 10 min)
The project partners present themselves
Olli-Pekka Viinamäki (EPKY), Tomas Gustafsson (RVB), Elina Kärnä (EPSHP)

Coffee break

10:00-10:20 (20 min)
HANDTAG project background and vision
COVID-19 in Sweden and Finland. Overall aims, ideas, expectations for the project.
Tomas Gustafsson (RVB)

10:20-10:40 (20 min)
Keynote: Hand hygiene compliance in healthcare settings and its significance in fighting pandemics
Elina Kärnä (EPSHP)

10:40-11:00 (20 min)
Keynote: Heath technology and innovation ecosystem in the Seinäjoki region
Sami Perälä (SeAMK)

11:00-11:20 (20 min)
Botnia-Atlantica and Interreg Aurora
Looking back at B-A and to what the future looks like.
Pia Kattelus (The Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia)

11:20-11:35 (15 min)
Q/A session

11:35-12:20 (45 min)
Virtual mingling session and a coffee/Lunch break
Organized around thematic virtual rooms. The main goal of the session is to gather a list of interested parties (companies, people, organizations etc.) to contact during the project.

12:20-12:30 (10 min)
Closing words for the forenoon sessions

13:30-15:15 Project partner meeting


At latest 2021-03-23 https://www.lyyti.in/HANDTAG_KickOff_250321


More information about content / program: Jussi Rasku (EPKY) jussi.rasku@epky.fi

More information about arrangements: taydennyskoulutus@seamk.fi