Strategy and values

The strategy of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences for the years 2020-24 has the working title SeAMK – bigger than it’s size, more networked than everThis means that, in the future, SeAMK firstly wants to grow, to be even more impressive and successful compared to its size, and on the other hand, strategic goals are pursued through even closer cooperation with companies and communities in the region, as well as partner universities.

Mission and vision of SeAMK


The mission of SeAMK is to increase know-how, competitiveness and welfare.

Vision 2030

International, entrepreneurial SeAMK – Best for our students.

Values of SeAMK

Entrepreneurial spirit

We are constantly searching for new things and experimenting boldly; we are allowed to fail while experimenting, but we never give up. We have an active attitude. We are productive and service-minded.


We offer our students and staff opportunities for internationalisation and promote their ability to act in an multicultural environment. We contribute to the internationalisation of our region.

SeAMK spirit

We do things together, and appreciate and care for each other. We operate in an open and interactive way. We share the joy when we succeed together. We are proud of our competence and our University of Applied Sciences.


We take responsibility for our students’ professional skills and the success of our region. We care about common welfare and the environment. We take responsibility for our actions and encourage students to assume responsibility. We develop our competence and share knowledge with others.