From Field to Fork

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences offers the Bachelor-level exchange programme ‘From Field to Fork’ for partner institution exchange students from the study fields related to agriculture, food and biotechnology, as well hospitality management.

The applicants should be students enrolled at a partner university of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences and have suitable/related previous study background. The English language skills of students should be approximately on level B2 on the European language scale. One semester of full-time studies normally includes about 25- 30 ECTS credits worth of courses for each student. The programme can accept 15  exchange students per semester.

Contents of the studies

The programme offers students professional level courses and projects within the fields of Agriculture, Food Processing and Biotechnology as well as  Hospitality Management. The projects within the field of Food Processing  focus on food service processes and food development. Study projects can also be chosen from the field of Food Technology,  Bioeconomy and Food and Hospital Management.  It is also possible to ask for short practical training possibilities within this programme in local farms.

Course Offering

  • Autumn Semester 2024

    23 August - 18 December 2024

    Please choose about 20-30 ECTS for one semester in your Learning Agreement.

    (IMPORTANT: all exchange students choose this course)
    9Y00CL97 Finnish Food and Bioeconomy, 5 ECTS

    KD06APSU012 Finnish Language and Culture, 3 ECTS
    LT00DB97  Intercultural communication, 3 ECTS
    KD07AYEN026 Professional English, 3 ECTS
    YE00BW57 Marketing Planning and Implementation in the Food Chain, 5 ECTS


    Agriculture Production 
    8B00DA91 Crop Production and Animal Husbandry, 5 ECTS
    8B00DA93  Biosecurity project, 5 ECTS

    Food  Processing and Biotechnology
    8B00DA80 Microbiology and Food Processing Hygiene, 5 ECTS
    8B00DA86 Sustainable Food System, 6ECTS

     Hospitality Management 
    CA00CX22  Planning of menus, 5 ECTS
    CA00DT45 Responsible Tourism, 2 ECTS

    9A00DM25 Project Studies in Bioeconomy, 10 ECTS
    8B00CM13 Project Studies in Food Technology, 10 ECTS
    CA00CM15 Project Studies in Food and Hospitality Management, 10 ECTS

    9A00BU13 Practical farming, 2 ECTS