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From Field to Fork

The School of Food and Agriculture of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences offers a one semester programme “From Field to Fork” for international students.

The applicants should be students enrolled at a partner university of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.

Contents of the studies

The programme offers students professional courses and projects within the fields of Agriculture, Food and Biotechnology and Food and Hospitality. The projects within the field of Food and Hospitality focus on food service processes and food development. Study projects can also be chosen from the field of Food Processing and Biotechnology.

Course offering

  • Autumn semester 2021

    2 Sep - 17 Dec 2021

    Mandatory studies for all in “From Field to Fork”
    9Y00CL97 Finnish Food and Bioeconomy, 5 ECTS

    Previous studies in the same field are necessary for the following packages 1 and 2. You need to choose courses from Package 1 OR Package 2:

    Package 1:

    Agriculture – Biosecurity in animal production (following three courses mandatory)
    9K00CL99 Good hygienic practises in animal production, 5 ECTS
    9K00CM00 Pathogens in primary production, 5 ECTS
    9K00CM14 Biosecurity project, 5 ECTS

    9A00CZ07 Drones in Bioeconomy, 3 ECTS

    Package 2:

    Food and Biotechnology
    CA00CG19 Food development project, 5 ECTS
    8B00BU17 Dairy technology, 5 ECTS
    8B00CG69 Work course of the food technology, 5 ECTS

    Food and Hospitality
    CA00CL44 Planning of menus, 5 ECTS
    CA00CG19 Food development project, 5 ECTS
    CA00CG20 Food Production Processes, 5 ECTS

    Available for all:

    Basic studies
    YE00BW57 Marketing planning and implementation in the food chain, 5 ECTS

    Circular economy in Agri-food System
    9K00CM01 Carbon cycle and low-carbon food chain, 2 ECTS
    9K00CM02 Biogas production in food chain, 2 ECTS (not available autumn 2021)
    9K00CM03 Solar energy in food chain, 2 ECTS (not available autumn 2021)
    9Y00CM06 Food loss and its reduction, 2 ECTS
    9Y00CM07 Circular economy project, 2 ECTS

    Nordic-type forest non-wood utilization
    9A00CZ08 Forest based food products, 5 ECTS
    9A00CZ09 Multiple- use of forest, 5 ECTS

    Language studies
    KD06APSU012 Finnish Language and Culture, 3 ECTS
    KDKMVVO105 Intercultural communication, 3 ECTS
    KD07AYEN026 Professional English, 3 ECTS

    Project Studies
    8B00CM13 Project studies in food technology, 2-10 ECTS
    CA00CM15 Project studies in food and hospitality management, 2-10 ECTS

    Practical Training
    9A00BU13 Practical farming, 2 ECTS
    8B00CM16 Practical training, 2-10 ECTS