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From Field to Fork

The School of Food and Agriculture of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences offers a one semester programme “From Field to Fork” for international students.

The applicants should be students enrolled at a partner university of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.

Contents of the studies

The programme offers students professional courses and projects within the fields of Agriculture, Food and Biotechnology and Food and Hospitality. The projects within the field of Food and Hospitality focus on food service processes and food development. Study projects can also be chosen from the field of Food Processing and Biotechnology.

Course offering

  • Autumn 2019

    2 Sep - 13 Dec 2019

    Basic Studies

    • Finnish language and culture, 3 ECTS
    • Intercultural communication, 3 ECTS
    • Professional English, 3 ECTS
    • Marketing planning and implementation in the food chain, 5 ECTS



    • Practical farming, 2 ECTS
    • Organic production, 5 ECTS
    • Multipurpose forestry, 5 ECTS
    • Monitoring and management of the production and quality, 5 ECTS


    Food and Biotechnology

    • Food development project, 5 ECTS
    • Food processes, 5 ECTS
    • Dairy technology, 5 ECTS


    Food and Hospitality

    • Conceptualizing services, 5 ECTS
    • Food development project, 5 ECTS
    • Food production processes, 5 ECTS


    Project studies, 2-10 ECTS according to planning
    Practical training, 5-30 ECTS according to planning

  • Spring 2020

    NB! Exchange programme From Field to Fork is not available during spring semester 2020.