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Cookies of the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences

We use tracking technologies on our site, such as cookies, to improve the usability and accessibility of the site through analytics, to provide chat service and social media functionalities, and to better target advertising. We share this information with our trusted social media, marketing and analytics partners.

First-party cookies (cookies set by the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences) are required for the functionality of forms in some pages (for example, a feedback form). We do not use cookies to identify you and the information cannot be combined with your personal information unless you voluntarily send us this information, for example, when subscribing to a newsletter or submitting a contact form.

In addition, first-party cookies are required when the administrators sign to the website’s maintenance interface.

Suppliers of the third-party web analytics solutions

For the development of our website’s content, usability and accessibility we use third-party cookies (Google Analytics, SiteImprove). This helps us understand, for example, how our website is used and what devices and browsers our site visitors use.

Google Analytics is used to analyse website visit data. To learn more about Google Analytics, visit Google’s website. You can opt out of data collection by Google Analytics by downloading an add-on to your browser from Google’s website.

Third-party social media plugins and marketing targeting

Our website contains links to third-party services, as well as social media plugins, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google and YouTube. The content of these services comes directly from the third-party services, and those third parties may gather information about a visitor’s visit in compliance with the terms and conditions of the existing privacy.

We also use third-party cookies to target marketing and to track the emails and newsletters we have send, because we want to ensure that the communication works and that you only receive communications from us that interest you. For this reason, we may also use cookies or other tracking technologies in emails. This means that we can track what emails we have sent to you and associate the information with your contact information after you have voluntarily sent us your contact information.

We do not use cookies to identify you. We also do not associate your IP address with you or collect any information that directly identifies you unless you voluntarily send us this information.

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Third-party cookie policies

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With Your Online Choices web service, you can learn about and manage your online advertising and privacy settings.

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