Gateway to Library and Information Studies

Gateway to Library and Information Studies is an exchange programme offered by the School of Business and Culture of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.

The applicants should be students enrolled at a partner university of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.

Come study with us!

Library and Information Services Degree Programme has been taught in Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences over twenty years. Programme does close co-operation with other units such as business and culture studies. Annual intake is 20 students providing excellent opportunity for individual support. The students and lecturers of LIS studies form an active, inquisitive and flexible group in Seinäjoki UAS.

What are SeAMK LIS studies all about?

  • Gain yourself innovative, but practical, customer and development oriented approach to implementing and developing library and information services.
  • Libraries are rediscovering their role, task and place in the society. LIS services are transforming and new approaches, services and skills are needed.
  • Seinäjoki UAS LIS studies offer a study program to support LIS professionals in both current and future challenges. Our exchange program offers new views to transfrom library and information services.
  • Combination of studies and practical training is also an option. Finnish libraries are top of the world and Seinäjoki area offers two newly opened and modern libraries, Seinäjoki City Library and Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences Library, for you to explore.

We offer

  • Practical and customer oriented approach to studies
  • Visiting lectures and real worklife projects
  • Current topics and program content
  • Co-operation between SeAMK faculties
  • Active student society and modern learning environments
  • Modern libraries as operational environment

Course offering

  • Spring semester 2020

    17 Feb - 22 May 2020

    Information Architecture, 5 cr
    The aim of the course is that the students understand the matters and methods involved in organizing and labeling information at the information service-oriented architectures, especially in the libraries and the other information service organizations.

    Media Education and Multiliteracies, 5 cr
    Having completed the course students are able to explain what multiliteracies mean. Students can distinguish between literacies and analyze the role of media education from the promoting literacies point of view. Students can present the importance of different kinds of literacies in learning. Students are also able to justife the importance of co-operation between the school and the library.

    Communal reading, 5 cr
    The course aim is to give students understanding about various reading forms, reading communities and social context of reading. Students will learn to identify, plan and implement activities to promote reading and literacy for different customer groups and reading communities, support their needs, co-operate with them but also to activate and lead reader-oriented literature disscussions.

    Introduction to social media, 5 cr
    Learning outcomes of the course are to understand the history, development and trends of social media and its influence on society, to understand how to use it in organization’s marketing and communication.

    Renewing Media, 5 cr
    The aim ot this course is to make students familiar with the field of modern media and the development trajectory of media. Students will gain knowledge of concept development and are able to create, design and present new concepts. Students will be able to recognize and understand changes and different development trends in the operational environment and their influence to media.

    Other studies:

    Library English, 3 ECTS
    Modern World Literature, 5 ECTS
    Finnish Language and Culture, 3 ECTS<

    Combination of studies and practical training is also an option.