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Professional Studies in Social Work

Professional Studies in Social Work is a Bachelor-level exchange programme offered by  Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. The programme is offered in English language.

What is the programme all about?

During the autumn semester, the programme’s theme is ‘Empowerment in Social Work’, which concentrates on one of the main issues of social work. What does the concept of empowerment really mean in the context of social work? How do different ideas on producing welfare influence the goals and methods of social work? How can we promote change in our own thinking and in the lives of the clients? By participating this programme you can get answers and formulate new questions with a group of foreign and Finnish students.

During the spring semester, social work exchange students can join the multiprofessional exchange programme ‘Professional Studies in Applied Gerontology / Empowerment and Wellbeing of Older Adults’.

Admission criteria

The applicants should be students enrolled at a partner university of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences and have at least one year of previous studies in the field. The English language skills of students should be approximately on level B2 on the European language scale.

One semester of full-time studies normally includes about 30 ECTS credits worth of courses for each student. It is recommended to choose the whole exchange programme package to get a full experience, where the offered courses support each other well, and the student group develops together as a team.

Course offering

  • Autumn semester 2022

    2 Sep - 16 Dec 2022


    • BE00BT36 Introduction to Social Work Studies in Finland, 3 ECTS
    • SOSEM20 Introduction to Welfare Society, 3 ECTS
    • SOSEM30 Empowering Social Work, 4 ECTS
    • SOSEM40 Facilitating Activity-Based Groups, 4 ECTS
    • SOSEM50 Use of Pictures in Group Activities, 4 ECTS
    • SOSEM60 Communication and Media in Social Work, 4 ECTS
    • SOSEM70 Practical Training: Methods of Empowerment in Social Work, 10 ECTS
    • KD06APSU012 Finnish Language and Culture, 3 ECTS
  • Spring semester 2023

    21 Feb - 25 May 2023


    BC00BT39 Finnish Society and Social Policy, 3 ECTS
    BX00BE20 How to Recognize a Grey Panther? Working together for Meaningful Ageing, 5 ECTS
    BC00BT41 Ethics in Elderly Care, 4 ECTS
    BC00BT42 Rehabilitative Care of People with Memory Disorders, 5 ECTS
    KD06APSU012 Finnish Language and Culture, 3 ECTS
    SOSEM50 Use of Pictures in Group Activities, 4 ECTS
    BC00BT43 Practical Training: Preventive and Empowering Work with Elderly People, 6 ECTS