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Professional Studies in Social Work

Empowerment and Social Work is an exchange programme for students offered by the School of Health Care and Social Work of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.

What is the programme all about?

Welcome to study in English a module concentrating in one of the main issues of social work. What does the concept of empowerment really mean in the context of social work? How do the different ideas on producing welfare influence in the goals and methods of social work? How can we promote change in our own thinking and in the live of clients? By participating in this module you can get answers and formulate new questions with a group of foreign and Finnish students.

Admission criteria

The applicants should be students enrolled at a partner university of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. The students chosen to the module should have studied social work or applied gerontology for at least one year in their home university or university of applied sciences. The applicants should have such sufficient competence in English language.

How to Apply?

Course offering

  • Autumn semester 2018

    Empowerment in Social Work, 32 cr

    AUTUMN 2018


    • Introduction to Social Work Studies in Finland 3 ECTS
    • Introduction to Welfare Society 3 ECTS
    • Empowering Social Work 4 ECTS
    • Facilitating Activity-Based Groups 4 ECTS
    • Use of Pictures in Group Activities 4 ECTS
    • Communication and Media in Social Work 4 ECTS
    • Practical Training: Methods of Empowerment in Social Work 10 ECTS
  • Spring semester 2019

    Empowerment and Wellbeing of Older Adults, 30 cr

    SPRING 2019


    • Finnish Society and Social Policy, 3 ECTS
    • How to Recognize a Grey Panther? Working Together for Meaningful Ageing, 5 ECTS
    • Ethics in Elderly Care, 4 ECTS
    • Rehabilitative Care of People with Memory Disorders, 5 ECTS
    • Use of Pictures in Group Activities, 4 ECTS
    • Practical Training: Preventive and Empowering Work with Elderly People, 6 ECTS
    • Finnish Language and Culture, 3 ECTS
  • Spring semester 2018

    Study Courses

    18-21 credits available in total

    • Orientation to studies, I ECTS
    • Finnish Language and Culture, 3 ECTS
    • How to recognize a grey panther? Working together for meaningful ageing, 5 ECTS
    • Practical Training, 9-12 ECTS

    Programme timetable

    19 February – 25 May 2018