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Master Degree Programme in International Business Management

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences offers a Master degree programme in International Business Management.

DEGREE: Master of Business Administration, MBA
LENGTH OF STUDIES: 90 ECTS Credits, 2 years

Partners for the Course Content

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences has strong co-operation with its international key partners: University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg (Germany) and University of Missouri, St Louis (USA). The co-operation includes a common Global Master School, other course options and welcoming visiting lecturers, for example.

In addition, the double degree programme is organized in co-operation with Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences. In Finland the programme is in partnership with Vaasa University of Applied Sciences in terms of optional and elective studies in project management.

Students discussing about the project together.


The programme aims to provide specialist training and management skills, to students ready to work on an international business setting. The Master’s degree is implemented on a two-year time scale.

The second-cycle (Master’s) degree taken at a university of applied sciences is a second-cycle degree in the European higher education system and gives the same qualification for municipal and state office as a Master’s degree taken at a university.

Who is the Master Degree Programme of International Business Management for?

You are eligible if you have a higher education degree completed in Finland or a higher education degree in the field of study completed outside of Finland. You also need to have certain work experience after the higher education degree. For further information, please see How to Apply.

What Are the Objectives of the Programme?

The programme aims to increase professional knowledge of international entrepreneurship. Having completed the programme, the student has developed the skills of a business management professional, capable of independent decision-making, working with management, capable of handling demanding tasks in businesses that already operate in the international market, and capable in handling tasks involving businesses that are planning to launch internationally.

How are the Studies Organized?

Multimodal learning methods are used. Each course includes a two-day contact session on an average. The emphasis of learning is on independent work as well as solving distant learning assignments and studying online. The development project is an essential part of the studies.

Content of the MBA Studies

The first-year studies focus on the management and development of SMEs in the international operating environment. In the second year students specialize either in international marketing or project management. The final thesis consists of a development project conducted for a business or other organisation.

How to Apply to the Master Degree Programme of International Business Management?

The next chance to apply for the programme will be most likely joint application in January 2022 at the earliest.