Professional Studies in Nursing

Professional studies in nursing is an exchange programme offered by the School of Health Care and Social Work of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.

What is the programme all about?

Welcome to exchange programme in nursing! Professional studies in the programme include theoretical studies and practical training in the field. Some courses are conducted in multiprofessional groups and also with other exchange students from different fields of studies.

Admission criteria

Applicants should be students of the partner universities of SeAMK. To be admitted to the programme, students should have completed at least one year of relevant studies at their home university or university of applied sciences, and have sufficient skills in English language to use it as a language of study.


Please send the application in one email with the requested documents attached before 15th of May for the autumn semester and 15th of November for the spring semester to incoming(a) More information: How to Apply – Exchange Students

Course offering

  • Spring semester 2019

    18.2.-24.5.2019. Please select Track 1 or Track 2.

    Professional Studies in Nursing

    SPRING 2019

    TRACK 1: Exchange programme ‘Empowerment and wellbeing of older adults’
    Student can make a choice to take part in the following multiprofessional programme:
    Empowerment and Wellbeing of Older Adults, 30 ECTS (incl. practical training 6 ECTS) or parts of it.
    Please see

    TRACK 2: practical training with orientation courses: Max 22 ECTS.
    All practical training options include the following orientation courses:
    • Introduction to Studies at SeAMK, 1 ECTS
    • Finnish Society and Social Policy, 3 ECTS
    • Finnish Language and Culture, 3 ECTS
    • Introduction to Finnish Health Care and Nursing, 2 ECTS – Obligatory Course

    The practical training options in this track are:
    • Practical Simulations (week 16 and week 21), 1-3 ECTS
    • Practical Training (weeks 12-15/2019 and weeks 17-20/2019), 10 ECTS:
    – Pediatric Nursing (Nursery Home, Pediatric Outpatient Clinic, Neonatal ICU): 1 student
    – Gerontological Nursing (Home for Eldery People, Clinical Ward): 2 students
    – Out-Patient Clinics (Specialities: Surgical Nursing, Medical Nursing, Dermatology, Allergology ect.) + certain Clinical Wards: 4 students
    – Acute and Operative Nursing: 1 student
    – Nursing of Clients with Disabilities: 1-2 students

    Practical training: 1 ECTS=26 hours in the placement

  • Autumn semester 2019

    No courses or practical training available during autumn semester 2019.

  • Spring semester 2020

    Exchange programme will be published later.