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Professional Studies in Nursing

What is the programme all about?

Professional Studies in Nursing is a Bachelor-level exchange programme which involves a sneak peek to the Finnish nursing education, including theoretical studies in nursing. Some courses are conducted in multi-professional groups and also with other exchange students from various fields of studies. Nursing programme doesn’t offer practical placements.

Admission criteria

The applicants should be students enrolled at a partner university of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences and have at least one year of previous studies in the field. The English language skills of students should be approximately on level B2 on the European language scale. One semester of full-time studies normally includes about 25 – 30 ECTS credits worth of courses for each student.

Course offering

  • Autumn semester 2023

    4 September - 15 December 2023

    Please choose about 25-30 ECTS for one semester in your Learning Agreement. Please note that changes to the course selction can be done only with good reasons during the exchange period.

    Courses with approved / failed assessment
    (no numeric assessment available)
    IE00CZ13 Countdown to Finnish Nursing, 2ECTS
    (Mandatory course for all students)
    BA00DG35 Wellbeing Technologies in Health and Social Services, 2 ECTS
    BA00DG45 Sustainable Development and Global Health, 2 ECTS
    BA00CO94 Health Education and Patient Counselling – Simulations, 3 ECTS
    BA00CW45 Pre-Hospital Emergency Care, 2 ECTS
    BA00CW40 Human Errors in Nursing – Viewpoints on Patient Safety, 2 ECTS

    Courses with numeric assessment
    BA00DG33 Evidence-Based Nursing and Information Searching, 2 ECTS
    BA00DG43 Ethicality in Nursing, 2 ECTS
    BA00DG51 Assessing Patient’s Vital Functions, 2 ECTS
    BA00CP20 Surgical Nursing, 3 ECTS
     BA00CU05 Perioperative Nursing, 2 ECTS
    BA00CP26 Nursing for Children, Young People and Their Families, 3 ECTS
    BA00CP28 Nursing in Outpatient Health Care, 3 ECTS
    BA00CP30 Critical Care Nursing, 2 ECTS
    BA00CP32 Professional Co-operation in Nursing – Simulations, 2 ECTS
    BA00CP22 Mental Health and Addiction Nursing, 3 ECTS
    BA00CP36 Life Crises as Part of Nursing, 2 ECTS
    BA00CP14 Professional Interaction in Challenging Situations – Simulations, 2 ECTS
    BA00CP00 Registered Nurse as a Team Leader, 2 ECTS