Cross studies

Cross studies allow you to broaden your study opportunities and incorporate studies from other universities of applied sciences into your own degree. Through cross studies, you gain more versatile options to plan and schedule your studies in collaboration with your study councellor!

The right to cross studies and the offering of courses are based on agreements between universities. To participate in cross studies, the student must have a valid right to study for a degree at the home university of applied sciences. In addition, the student has to be enrolled as attending.

Welcome to study courses at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences!

Cross studies at SeAMK

Discuss the suitability of the courses for your degree with your study councellor before registering for cross studies. At SeAMK, cross studies are implemented through two-way cooperation agreements and the CampusOnline study portal collaboration.

Cross study networks

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences has cross study agreements with the following universities of applied science’s and universities:

  • Centria University of Applied Sciences
  • Häme University of Applied Sciences
  • Satakunta University of Applied Sciences
  • University of the Arts Helsinki
  • Vaasa University of Applied Sciences


In the CampusOnline portal, students from universities of applied sciences can choose courses from other universities of applied sciences. These studies can be included in the degree at their own university. Learn more about the courses on the CampusOnline portal.

SeAMK students

If you are a SeAMK student planning to participate in cross studies, see detailed instructions on the Cross Studies page on SeAMK’s Intranet (requires login).

Guidelines for cross studies

  • Enrolment

    In cross studies, you receive a temporary right to study at the partner university of applied sciences. The right to cross studies is determined based on the studies you are attending and your degree student status.

    If your degree student status at your home university of applied sciences expires, your right to cross studies also ends simultaneously, even if you have not completed the cross studies.

    There is a quota set for cross study courses. Enroll in the courses well in advance to ensure your place in the studies. Students are accepted into the courses in the order of registration.

    Cross study agreements between universities of applied sciences

    SeAMK is piloting cross-study services with Centria University of Applied Sciences. Centria students can view SeAMK’s course offerings in Peppi and enroll for courses there. Detailed information on the implementation and enrollment periods for courses can be found in Peppi’s course description.

    Students from other partner universities of applied sciences enroll according to prearranged and informed practices.


    Enroll in CampusOnline courses according to the instructions on the portal. Specific registration and implementation periods for each course can be found in the course details.

  • User ID's

    As a cross study student, you can log in to SeAMK’s systems using the user ID of your own university of applied sciences through HAKA Login.

    For technical issues, please contact SeAMK’s IT support at

  • Completing studies

    Information about the contents, methods of completion, and assessment methods of the studies can be found in the course descriptions. At the beginning of the course, you will receive information about schedules and requirements from the course instructor. Feedback on the course is collected after the completion of the course.

  • Assessment and transferring credits

    The teacher assesses the course achievements, and the achievement will be visible in SeAMK’s Peppi system.

    You can transfer your completed study credits to your own university of applied science’s study information system according to your university of applied science’s instructions.

    The assessment is transferred directly to your own PSP at your university’s Peppi system without manual data transfer if you have enrolled in cross studies via Peppi.

  • Cancellation of enrolment

    Enrolment in courses is binding. However, if you wish to cancel your enrollment for a course, please contact us at

    If you have enroled in a course via Peppi, you can cancel your enrollment in Peppi during the course enrolment period. Cancellations after the enrollment period can be sent via email to

  • Data protection

    Your information will be procecced in accordance with SeAMK Student administration system’s privacy statement.