SeAMK Image Bank

The Image Bank of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK) contains images, for example, from different fields of education, campus and staff members as well as videos. SeAMK’s logos can also be downloaded from the Image

The content of the Image Bank is only available for SeAMK-related contexts. When using images, SeAMK should be mentioned as the source of the images, and we should be informed about the purpose of usage.

Any marketing material created by various organisations that shows SeAMK’s images or logos must be approved by SeAMK’s Marketing and Communications team in advance by sending an email to

SeAMK Image Bank is intended only for users outside SeAMK. SeAMK staff and students have their own image bank on the SeAMK Intra intranet.

  • Instructions for logging in and searching images

    After you have registered and received a confirmation from us (see instructions further below), log in with the email address of your Microsoft account you had provided.

    1) Open the link: SeAMK Kuvapankki – Kotisivu (

    2) Enter the email address of your Microsoft account:

    Kirjaudu kuvapankkiin./ Sign in to the Picture Library.

    3) Enter the password.

    Syötä salasana. / Enter password.

    4) You can search for the images in the search field:

    Kuvapankin hakukenttä./ Picture library's search field.

    or use the categories of the navigation menus:

    Kuvapankin valikkorakenne./ Picture library's navigation menu.

    5) Click to open the image and save it to your computer by right-clicking on the image and selecting Save As.

User registration

You can register as a user of SeAMK Image Bank with this form, where in addition to contact information, we inquire e.g. the purpose of the usage. After the registration, we will send you the username.

The user account is a Microsoft account. In the form, you must provide the email address to which your Microsoft account is linked. If you have Skype, OneDrive,, or Xbox Live, you already have a Microsoft account. If necessary, you can also create a new Microsoft account.

Further information


Inkeri Sormunen

Graphic Designer