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Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences carries out a wide spectrum of projects, e.g. research projects, development projects and product development work. Projects are carried out in co-operation with companies and organisations in both the private and public sectors. Project work takes place in all fields of activity at Seinäjoki UAS. The projects also involve thesis work and practical training.

Focus areas

Project work at Seinäjoki UAS is targeted at university's focus areas.

Practical applications

Research & Development work at Seinäjoki UAS is aiming to practical applications. The new information generated is also applied and transferred further to companies and organisations.

The project work is funded by companies and other organisations in both the private and public sectors. Student theses are often also commissioned by companies and organisations or are part of a broader R&D project.

Seinäjoki UAS is often rewarded as a top-class institute in internationalisation and regional influence. Our particular aim is to continue to meet the needs of our own area of operation as well as we possibly can.
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