Studies in Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences lead to a higher education degree equipping the graduates with the resources to take on responsible tasks in working life.

Seinäjoki UAS offers

20 bachelor level degree programmes
  • 2 degree programmes, International Business and Nursing, totally taught in English language
  • 18 degree programmes taught mostly in Finnish language

7 master level degree programmes
  • 1 degree programme, International Business Management, totally taught in English language
  • 6 degree programmes taught mostly in Finnish language

Seinäjoki UAS also offers programmes for exchange students in all faculties.

The academic year has two semesters: from September to December and from January to June.

The Study Guide of Seinäjoki UAS

Bachelor Degree Programmes

Business Management
SME Business Management
International Business (in English)
Cultural Management
- Socio-cultural work
- Media Management

Furniture Design
- Lifestyle Design
- Graphic Design

- Building Conservation

Library and Information Services

Master Degree Programmes

International Business Management (in English)
Entrepreneurship and Business Competence

Bachelor Degree Programmes

Agriculture and Rural Enterprises
Food and Hospitality
Food Processing and Biotechnology
- Food Technology 
- Meat and Prepared Food Technology

Master Degree Programmes

Development of Agriculture and Rural Enterprises

Bachelor Degree Programmes

Nursing (Registered Nurse or Public Health Nurse)
Nursing (in English)
Social Work
Elderly Care

Master Degree Programmes

Development and Management of Social Work and Health Care
Social Work

Bachelor Degree Programmes

Automation Engineering
- Machine Automation
- Electric Automation

Construction Engineering
- Building Construction

Construction Management

Information Technology
- Software Engineering
- Embedded Systems
- Networking Technology

Mechanical and Production Engineering
- Automotive and Work Machine Engineering

Master Degree Programmes

Construction Engineering

Technology Competence Management 


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