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Practical Information for Students

Welcome to Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences!

Some practical issues, instructions and advice are presented on these pages in order to help you to cope in your student life.

7taivas_opetus2_310x180.pngHowever, no guide book can replace interaction with the local people. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice! The staff of international relations, the representatives of the student Union SAMO, the Student Pastor, student health care services and other actors are here to help you make the best out of your studies in Seinäjoki UAS. You will also get help from your fellow students, teachers, tutors and all the personnel of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.

We also hope you will become acquainted with the region's versatile hobby supply, ranging from sports to art and culture, and find activities for your leisure time. Feel yourself at home! Enjoy the "South Ostrobothnia phase" of your life! We hope it will contain great experiences and joy. We wish you the best of luck for your studies and practical training.

Arriving in Seinäjoki

The airport nearest to the City of Seinäjoki is located in Vaasa (70 km from Seinäjoki). A flight from the Helsinki airport to the Vaasa airport takes around one hour. At present, the quickest train connection from Helsinki to Seinäjoki takes 2 h 30 min. International students use webropol to inform us about their arrival times, and tutor student will then meet the arriving student at the Seinäjoki railway station. 

Please find information on the following issues in the Study guide of Seinäjoki UAS:

Applying for a Finnish identity number

In the beginning of year 2015, the Ministry of Education and Culture has required the Finnish universities of applied sciences to register all their students in a national data acquisition system. For this, all the student of the universities of applied sciences (incl. foreign students studying in Finland for at least 3 months) must apply for a Finnish identity number at the Register Office (Juhonkatu 4, Seinäjoki). The identity number must be applied for also in case the student would not spend those three months without interruption in Finland (e.g. the student travels outside Finland during that time). A Finnish identity number is also needed e.g. for payment of wages and the use of health care services. Identity numbers are applied as a part of the orientation in the beginning of the studies.

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