Practical Information for Students

Welcome to Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences!

Some practical issues, instructions and advice are presented on these pages in order to help you to cope in your student life.

However, no guide book can replace interaction with the local people. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice! The staff of international relations, the representatives of the student Union SAMO, the Student Pastor, student health care services and other actors are here to help you make the best out of your studies in Seinäjoki UAS. You will also get help from your fellow students, teachers, tutors and all the personnel of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.

We also hope you will become acquainted with the region’s versatile hobby supply, ranging from sports to art and culture, and find activities for your leisure time. Feel yourself at home! Enjoy the “South Ostrobothnia phase” of your life! We hope it will contain great experiences and joy. We wish you the best of luck for your studies and practical training.

Arriving in SeAMK

The best way to arrive in Seinäjoki is to fly to Helsinki and then take a train to Seinäjoki. The quickest train connection from Helsinki to Seinäjoki takes 2 h 30 min. A tutor student will meet the arriving student at the Seinäjoki railway station according to timetables informed beforehand.

Applying for a Finnish Identity Number

In the beginning of year 2015, the Ministry of Education and Culture has required the Finnish universities of applied sciences to register all their students in a national data acquisition system. For this, all the student of the universities of applied sciences (incl. foreign students studying in Finland for at least 3 months) must apply for a Finnish identity number at the Register Office (Juhonkatu 4, Seinäjoki). The identity number must be applied for also in case the student would not spend those three months without interruption in Finland (e.g. the student travels outside Finland during that time). A Finnish identity number is also needed e.g. for payment of wages and the use of health care services. Identity numbers are applied as a part of the orientation in the beginning of the studies.

  • Cities of Seinäjoki and Ilmajoki


    Seinäjoki is the heart of South Ostrobothnia. It has about 60.000 inhabitants and the land-area of about 1.450 km2. Life in Seinäjoki is dynamic, and a lot is going on in this compact city. A wide variety of educational institutions are located in the city, and it offers commercial, administrative and cultural services to the entire surrounding area.

    Friends of both culture and sports can find a lot of opportunities in Seinäjoki. You can try traditional Finnish sports, like skiing, skating, football, Finnish baseball etc. or go to a rock concert or a classical music concert. But if you want to try something not so conventional, in Seinäjoki you can also try, for example, glow bowling or pole-dancing!

    Student life in Seinäjoki is quite vivid, and the student union SAMO, together with other student associations, organises a lot of different kind of sports and other events and parties. Nightlife in Seinäjoki has a lot to offer for every taste in music and atmosphere. In Marttilan Kortteeri dormitory area you can also find the Students’ Living room (Address: Puskantie 38 T, 60100 Seinäjoki.

    More information about Seinäjoki


    Ilmajoki lies about 15 km south-west from Seinäjoki. It has a typical South Ostrobothnian landscape with low-lying, fertile fields and a number of barns, referred to as the “sea of barns”. Ilmajoki has about 11.700 inhabitants in the land-area of 580 km2. The nearest cities are Seinäjoki (15km) and Vaasa (75km).

    Ilmajoki is rich with tradition; you can get acquainted with the Ostrobothnian heritage at the Yli-Laurosela Farmhouse Museum, for example. Agriculture is very important source of livelihood in Ilmajoki, but there are a number of small and medium-sized companies operating in many different lines of business. For example, the most famous Finnish alcoholic beverage Koskenkorva is produced by Government-own company Altia in Ilmajoki, in the village of Koskenkorva.

    More information about Ilmajoki

  • Student Pastor

    Aila Orsila

    Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences takes care of their students’ well-being also through the services of Student Pastor Ms Aila Orsila. All students may talk with the Student Pastor about their joys and sorrows no matter which religion or beliefs he/she may represent. Conversations with the Student Pastor are always confidential and cost-free. You may also ask for more information about different churches’ and organisations’ activities from the Pastor.

    The office of the Student Pastor is located in the centre of Seinäjoki.


    Address: Keskuskatu 32, I entrance, 1st floor
    (across the Campus House / Kampustalo building).

    The Student Pastor is available for personal conversations with students. You may reach her by e-mail or phone to arrange a meeting.

    Contact information:

    +35844 580 6651

  • Friend Family Activities

    What is this about?

    Already since the academic year 2008 – 2009 we have introduced a new kind of activity where the international degree students of SeAMK may have a closer contact with local Finnish families. Many students have already taken part in this activity and we are currently offering this opportunity for all new International Business and Nursing students.

    How does it work?

    Having a “friend family” means You have a chance to get to know the Finnish culture and language better by meeting Your new friend family in normal everyday situations – whenever and wherever it is suitable for both You and the friend family.

    The meetings with a friend family could include sports, cooking, chatting – or whatever the family and You want to do together. It is also very important for Your future in Seinäjoki region to get contacts with the locals. A friend family can be any Finnish person who is interested to have a student as a friend – single person or in a relationship, with or without children, studying, working or retired.

    The participants have reported learning a lot about other cultures, languages – and themselves! – in the process. The friend family activities are not about providing the students with housing or money but about exploring a new friendship by sharing some time and nice experiences together with a person from another culture.
    Interested in joining the activities?

    All international degree students of Seinäjoki UAS are free to apply by filling in the Student Application Form for Friend Family Activities and sending it to aila.orsila(a) and maria.loukola(a) Also remember to give us Your Finnish (mobile) phone number (question A6 in the form).

    Student Application Form for Friend Family Activities_SeAMK