SeAMK transitions to distance learning on March 18, 2020 |

SeAMK transitions to distance learning on March 18, 2020



Despite the spread of the coronavirus, SeAMK strives to ensure that its students progress and complete their studies as efficiently as possible.  As a responsible university, we also aim to maintain high-quality education and prevent the spread of the virus.

Timetable for the next few days

As previously announced, Monday, March 16 is a normal work and school day at SeAMK. All classes on Tuesday, March 17 has been cancelled due to the preparations for transitioning to distance learning. Distance learning starts on Wednesday, March 18 and lasts until May 31, 2020.

According to current knowledge, laboratory, simulation and other small group contavt teaching can continue in groups of up to 10 students. Teachers will inform students about the details later.

Study counselling and thesis supervision will mainly be conducted through remote connections. Examinations for more than 10 people will not be held. The EXAM-independent examination taking facilities continue to remain open.

Campus will not be closed down

For the time being, the Frami Campus will not be closed unless the Finnish Government decides otherwise. Staff are encouraged to work from home when possible but working on campus is also an option. Teachers can also conduct online sessions from their own offices or from classrooms.

Support for remote teaching

The digital pedagogical support of teaching will be increased. On Tuesday morning, March 16, new training guidelines for distance learning will be published at Jelppari’s website. All support requests (also those related to tools) addressed to Digipeda team will be routed to Jelppari at this point. In addition, training sessions on distance learning will be provided for staff. Non-stop user training through online live support is organized for staff as well.

Mobile data subscriptions of staff’s employee benefit and work phones have been converted to unlimited data packets. Additional equipment for distance learning (e.g. headsets) has been ordered.

Students are encouraged to contact digitutors or their teachers with any questions they have.

SeAMK’s events

SeAMK cancels all events for more than 10 people and seeks to organize them remotely. We are waiting to get the national guidance on how to arrange the entrance examinations.

All trips are cancelled

All trips abroad by SeAMK staff and students have been cancelled until May 31, 2020. At the moment, we are considering the possibility to invite our exchange students back to Finland.

SeAMK recommends that staff and students do not travel abroad in their leisure time either. In any case, after returning from abroad to home, staff and students must stay at home quarantine for 14 days and work and study remotely. Domestic trips should also be made only when necessary and use remote connections and meetings instead. Reimbursement of expenses related to cancellation of work and study trips has been outlined on March 5th and March 13th, and the existing policy can be found on the SeAMK Intra.

For further inquiries and questions, please email to


Note. Changes may be made to the guidelines, so follow the SeAMK Intra.

SeAMK’s preparations for the coronavirus pandemic are led by the SeAMK’s Security Management Team.

The Team decides on all necessary policies, guidelines and other measures required by the current situation, and manages all communications related to coronavirus at SeAMK.

If necessary, the Team may call other SeAMK employees to take part in the practical arrangements to manage the current situation. For example, it has been agreed that the International Mobility Services team will contact individual exchange students and answer their questions when needed.

The latest coronavirus-related information is always updated on this web page.