New international exchange and degree students start their studies at SeAMK on 4 September 2023

Students standing in the hallway.

120 new exchange and double degree students start their studies at SeAMK on Monday 4 September 2023. Exchange students come from 15 countries, and they represent 49 different higher education institutions from the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Austria, China, Lithuania, France, Germany, Slovenia, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Turkey, Vietnam and Estonia.

Most of the incoming students study at SeAMK for the autumn semester, but some of them complete double degree studies throughout the academic year and some continue their exchange period also in the spring semester. The exchange students study in several programmes at SeAMK: From Field to Fork, Gateway to Cultural Management, Gateway to International Business, Professional Studies in Technology, Professional Studies in Nursing, Professional Studies in Physiotherapy, Professional Studies in Social Work and International Business Management (Master level).

New international degree students also start their studies on 4 September 2023 in Agri-Food Engineering, Automation Engineering, International Business and International Business Management (Master) degree programmes. International degree students come mainly from the countries outside the EU, for example from Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

New international degree students have the opportunity to study the first semester virtually if necessary. Thus, some of them arrive on campus at the beginning of September, some gradually during the fall semester and some at the beginning of the spring semester. New Nursing students started their studies already in the last week of August.