The Career Monitoring Survey of graduates from the universities of applied sciences starts today

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The nationwide Career Monitoring Survey of the universities of applied sciences collects information on the employment of graduates, the overall working career and satisfaction with the working career and the degree. All those who finished their university of applied sciences studies five years ago, i.e. those who graduated in 2018, will receive the survey.

The Career Monitoring Survey offers up-to-date working life information, for example about the employment of graduates, career paths and the general skills needed in working life, common to different fields. The information is important in the development of education and in the study counselling.

– The survey helps us to collect data on the employment, career paths and competences required in working life from graduates. Their experiences are important for those applying for education, and for students, who are contemplating on their own study and career opportunities. The data is also utilised to develop the tuition at SeAMK, say the President & CEO of the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences Jaakko Hallila.

One of the goals of the nationwide survey is to produce information on whether graduates of the universities of applied sciences are satisfied with the education they received. The Career Monitoring Survey has questions selected for the funding model, which aim to evaluate the quality of education. Based on the answers that affect the funding model, the Ministry of Education and Culture allocates 3% of the basic funding to the universities of applied sciences.

The target group of the survey is those graduated from the universities of applied sciences five years ago

The Career Monitoring Survey will be sent to all bachelor and master degree graduates in 2018 via email and text message on October 12, 2023. Universities of applied sciences hope that as many graduates as possible will share their experiences from their studies and working careers. The Career Monitoring Survey is carried out at the same time also in the universities.

You can view the results of the earlier surveys in the Education Statistics Finland service Vipunen >>