The war in Ukraine affects SeAMK's operations

category: General

The global situation may worry our students and staff. SeAMK supports all its students and wants to ensure a peace of study for all of them. SeAMK does not tolerate any kind of harassment, hate speech or discrimination. Attention is paid to the wellbeing and support of students. SeAMK communicates directly with the students, so students are instructed to follow the SeAMK intranet, students Teams and their own email.

SeAMK is suspending co-operation with Russian universities in accordance with the guidelines of the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture (9 March 2022). No new projects will be initiated at SeAMK with the Russian universities, and co-operation between existing organisations will also be frozen.

SeAMK expresses its support for Ukraine together with the Rectors’ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences ARENE (news is in Finnish) and other universities of applied sciences, and condemns Russia’s hostilities in Ukraine in accordance with both the state of Finland and the European Union.

There are currently no SeAMK students in exchange in Ukraine or Russia. The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges to avoid all travel to Ukraine and all Finns in Ukraine are urged to leave the country immediately. The Foreign Ministry instructs are also to avoid all travel to Russia (27 February 2022).

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