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UAS presidents and student unions appeal to students to stop the spread of coronavirus

A young man with a face mask on.

Finland’s coronavirus situation is rapidly deteriorating, and there are also chains of infection among students at universities of applied sciences. This has led to an increase in distance learning and even to the closure of campuses in different parts of Finland.

Many of the infections have originated from events where many students have gathered during their free time. The rectors and student unions of universities of applied sciences would like to remind students of responsible behaviour.

Infection chains have had severe consequences; teaching has had to be interrupted at higher education institutions, and campuses have had to be shut down in several locations. Due to the chains of infection from last week and weekend, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences and Vaasa University of Applied Sciences have been closed in their entirety as have the Novia University of Applied Sciences campus in Vaasa and the Xamk campus in Savonlinna.

Every person working and studying on campuses now bears great responsibility for their own behaviour, so we can prevent the spread of coronavirus infections.

Please avoid participation in larger events at this time. Also, comply with instructions on safety intervals, masks, and hygiene.

These are the only means for ensuring that universities of applied sciences can continue to offer contact teaching. Teaching on campuses is part of maintaining our community identity, which many have felt is especially important during these exceptional times.

We can all reduce the risk of campuses being closed because of corona.

Jaakko Hallila
president, CEO

Paavo Rautiainen
chair of the student union SAMO

If you are concerned about the current corona situation, you can contact student psychologist Anne-Mari Maunumaa or pastor Aila Orsila.

Contact information:, 040 830 0370, 044 580 6651