A more accessible website one step a time

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We have been making the SeAMK.fi website more usable and accessible since last autumn. The most visible changes have been released today as the visual look of the site has been changed into SeAMK’s new brand colours. Functional deficiencies have also been fixed so that the site complies with the EU’s Web Accessibility Directive and the Finnish law on the provision of digital services.

SeAMK’s new brand colours consider, among other things, the contrast of colours and the functionality of colours in various online environments as well as in printed materials.

The functionalities of the website have been modified so that they work as well as possible with, for example, various screen readers.

– ­Our goal is to make our website easy to use on different devices. We want that our applicants, students, staff and stakeholders can easily find the information they need, says Outi Kemppainen, SeAMK’s Communications and Marketing Manager.

The development of the SeAMK.fi website to be more accessible continues. Next, we will go through the content on the site, and make the needed adjustments to the different content types. The work will be completed next fall.


More information:

Outi Kemppainen
Marketing and Communications Manager
tel: +358 40 8302 270