Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering


Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering is a creator, producer, and designer contributing to Finnish engineering expertise. Engineers deliver products to both domestic and export markets. Graduates from SeAMK have all the necessary skills to seamlessly transition into the challenges of the workforce.

In mechanical engineering, you can specialize in either automotive and heavy machinery engineering or machine and production engineering.

Upon graduation from the mechanical engineering program, you’ll have access to diverse specialist and managerial positions to develop and manufacture top-notch products, as well as the opportunity to work in both national and international markets.

The best university for our students

The success of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK) as a university valued by students continues in the 2023 results of the nationwide graduation feedback survey (AVOP), where SeAMK ranked second. This adds to an impressive streak over the past five years, during which SeAMK has secured three consecutive first-place positions and one third-place ranking. According to the graduates of both bachelor’s and master’s degrees, SeAMK has the best learning environments and working life connections in Finland. In teaching, studying, study satisfaction, study support services, and feedback and evaluation, SeAMK ranked second. The ranking in the top three also came in career counselling and thesis. In this nationwide survey, students evaluate and give feedback on completed studies. (Source:

How to apply to SeAMK?

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