Fact sheet, academic and practical information for exchange students

Fact Sheet

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences FACT SHEET
Name of Institution Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK)
Abbreviation SeAMK
Country Finland
In-Charge Unit SeAMK International Education Services

Visiting Address
Kampusranta 11, 60320 SEINÄJOKI
P.O. Box 412, FI-60101 SEINÄJOKI

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 412, FI-60101 SEINÄJOKI
Email international.office@seamk.fi
Erasmus code SF SEINAJO06
PIC 949711578
OID E10110096
SCHAC seamk.fi
Staff mobilities and agreements Ms Marjo Arola,
Head of International Education Services,
Incoming students Ms Jonna-Maria Peltoniemi
Coordinator, International Education Services
+358 408302059
Outgoing students Ms Tiina Välimäki,
Coordinator, International Education Services,
Student Exchange Website https://www.seamk.fi/en/study-with-us/exchange-programmes/
List of requested documents Learning Agreement
A photo
Transcript of Records (English)
Student nomination Please send your nominations to: incoming@seamk.fi

The nomination should include following information:
 student’s first name/s (given name),
 student’s last name/s (family name),
 gender,
 date of birth,
 email address,
 subject at the home university and semester,
 exchange programme at SeAMK (required to be related the study background of the applicant),
 planned duration of the programme at SeAMK (one or two semesters),
 double degree student (only if valid double degree agreement exists between SeAMK and the sending institution).

Academic information for exchange students

Nomination Deadline (sending institutions) Fall Semester: 15 April
Spring Semester: 15 October
Application Deadline Fall Semester: 15 May
Spring Semester: 15 November
Application Applications through the SoleMove system. An email invitation to fill in the application will be
send to the nominated students 15-30 April for studies starting in the autumn semester and by
15 - 30 October for the spring semester.

The accepted students are contacted by email, with
an enclosed Acceptance Letter and instructions for next steps in the process, from mid to late June
for studies starting in the autumn semester, and from mid to late December for the spring semester.
Application Instructions https://www.seamk.fi/en/study-with-us/how-to-apply/how-to-apply-exchange-students/
Semester dates Fall Semester 2024

Professional Studies in Nursing, From Field to Fork and Professional Studies in Techonology
• Arrival Date 22 August 2024
• Start date – End date 23 August 2024 – 18 December 2024
(Orientation days 23 August and 2 and 3 September 2024. Semester Closing Ceremony 18 December 2024)
• Examination Period exams take place during the semester

All other programmes
• Arrival Date 1 September 2024
• Start date – End date 2 September 2024 – 18 December 2024
(Orientation days 2 and 3 September 2024. Semester Closing Ceremony 18 December 2024)
• Examination Period exams take place during the semester

Spring Semester 2025

Professional Studies in Techonology
•Arrival Date 7 January 2025
•Start date – End date 8 January 2025 - 28 April 2025
(Orientation day 8 January. Semester Closing Ceremony 28 April)
• Examination Period exams take place during the semester

International Business Management, Master
•Arrival Date 7 January 2025
•Start date – End date 8 January 2025 - 18 May 2025
(Orientation day 8 January).
• Examination Period exams take place during the semester

All other programmes
• Arrival Date 14 February 2025
•Start date – End date 17 February 2025 - 23 May 2025
(Orientation days 17 and 18 February. Semester Closing Ceremony 23 May)
• Examination Period exams take place during the semeste
Programme information Applicant is required to select course(s) or programme relevant to his/her major study.
Each exchange student follows one exchange programme at SeAMK and should
be nominated to that specific programme by the home institution.
Programme info: https://www.seamk.fi/en/study-with-us/exchange-programmes/

Most exchange studies at SeAMK take place at the professional studies level of the Bachelor
programmes, that is 2nd or 3rd year Bachelor studies.

Double Degree students follow the same application process as regular exchange students,
more information about Double Degrees at SeAMK: Double Degree Programmes | SeAMK
Language of Instruction English
Language requirement European language level B2.
Our recommendation is that the coordinators of the sending university make sure that
the students can actively participate in studies conducted in English.
Study Load for
exchange students per Semester
Number of credits / Courses per semester

Minimum study load: 20 ECTS
Maximum study load: 30 ECTS
Double Degree students: 30 ECTS

Other information, if any:

One ECTS credit is around 27 hours of work, the courses represent
varying amounts of ECTS. Please notice that the 27 hours includes all
the work a student does per one credit, incl. lessons, independent
studies, group work, assignments etc.
Grading System Course Grade Interpretation
5 Excellent
4 - 3 Good
2 -1 Satisfactory
0 Failed
Transcript of Records Transcript of Records will be sent as an email to the student and the home institution about one month after the end of the studies. Exceptions in these timetables are possible e.g. in case of practical training or shorter than one semester exchanges.
Study Guide https://newops.seamk.fi/en/

Practical information for exchange students

Student Housing A company called Sevas organises the student housing in the city of Seinäjoki. Please see here for more details https://sevas.fi/en/student-apartments/

If you have specific accessibility or accommodation requirements, please contact Sevas to discuss them in advance.

The student homes are located close to the campus and the city center.
Most of these homes are furnished. There are studio or shared apartments available,
for example an apartment with 2-3 private bedroom/bathroom combinations + shared kitchen facilities.
A monthly rent can vary from 300- 600 euros, including electricity, heating, water
(tap water in Finland is very pure and drinkable!), internet connection, and use of laundry
room and sauna facilities.

The Coordinator will send instructions how to apply housing to the students.
Entry formalities https://www.seamk.fi/en/study-with-us/practical-information-for-students/entry-formalities/
Insurance Each incoming exchange and Double Degree student must have a valid insurance package for
the duration of their programme time. Insurance must cover the school time as well as free time and travelling.
The accident insurance, health insurance, especially in case of training also liability / legal insurance. .
SeAMK does not provide any insurances for exchange and Double Degree students.
Arrival Students are recommended to arrive to Helsinki Airport and travel by train to Seinäjoki.
The train station of Seinäjoki is on a short walking distance from both the student housing office
and most of the student apartments, as well as the campus.

All incoming students should agree with Sevas on how to get the key for the student housing well
before arrival.
Please see the map: https://goo.gl/maps/tc4gN9BwT4744sZy9

Erasmus + Green tips can be found here: https://www.greenerasmus.org/
Accessibility Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences strives to offer its students the opportunity to study in accessible learning environments. We try to accommodate students with different learning difficulties, illnesses, disabilities, or mental health challenges the best we can.

To discuss exchange period at SeAMK, please contact incoming@seamk.fi. 

Read more about accessibility at SeAMK: https://www.seamk.fi/en/accessibility/