Almost 7 000 applicants for SeAMK's international degree programmes

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Opiskleijoita istumassa tuoleilla värikkäissä haalareissaan.

The first joint application period for universities of applied sciences and the SeAMK Direct Application period ended on Wednesday, January 17, 2024. The total number of applicants to SeAMK through both application methods is 6 950.

SeAMK had four bachelor degree programmes and one Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme open for application. The available programmes provide expertise in business, automation engineering, agri-food systems, nursing, and the readiness to work in international roles.

Interest in SeAMK’s international degree programmes has been steadily increasing. In spring 2023, the number of applicants was over six times higher compared to the situation in spring 2021. Although the number of applicants decreased slightly from 2023, it remained at a very good level, considering changes such as the International UAS Exam selection process and increased tuition fees for non-EU students. The anticipated impact of these changes on the number of applicants was negative.

“We consider the number of applicants very good, taking into account the significant changes applied for the first time in the spring 2024 admissions. With confidence, we expect to achieve the desired number of accepted students from this pool of applicants,” says Hanna-Mari Rintala,  Student Affairs Manager at SeAMK.

Business degree programmes attracted the most applicants

Business degree programmes attracted the most applicants, with the Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business, and Master of Business Administration, International Business Management, receiving the highest number of applicants. There are a total of 2 559 applicants for the Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business programme, and 2 151 for the Master of Business Administration programme.

Technical degree programmes also garnered interest, with 995 applicants for the Bachelor of Engineering, Automation Engineering programme, 952 for the Bachelor of Engineering, Agri-Food Engineering programme focusing on food systems, and 293 for the Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing programme.

All degree programmes offered at SeAMK have a total of 150 available spots. On average, there are approximately 46 applicants per available spot.

Student selections

Entrance exams for international degree programmes will take place in February-March 2024. The results of the student selections will be published on Studyinfo website no later than May 31, 2024.

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Hanna-Mari Rintala
Student Affairs Manager, SeAMK