An unforgettable spring semester 2024 at SeAMK for exchange students

Nearly 70 exchange students gathered for a group photo on the last day on SeAMK campus.

Exchange students who spent the spring semester at SeAMK experienced a complete change of seasons. Arriving in January, and for some in February, they encountered the cold and snowy winter, and by the time of their departure, the beginning of summer was blooming its best with sunny, hot weather.

“I wanted to experience something different during my exchange period compared to back home in Germany – both in terms of people and climate. I study at a private university, and when I received a list of partner universities, I looked at options in the Nordic countries. I heard that SeAMK has a very good reputation, so I applied here. And luckily, I got in,” says Tim Achterath, 23, who studies in Düsseldorf.

Tim Achterath

The experience of studying in the north appealed to Tim more than warmer regions, partly due to concerns about climate change.

“I wanted to experience winter, because with climate change, that opportunity might not come as often in the future,” he notes.

According to Tim Achterath, the best experiences of the exchange period were encapsulated in student life.

“Seinäjoki is a small town compared to my hometown, but the fact that people from different parts of the world were closely together, getting to know each other and Finnish culture, was the best experience. I also enjoyed the diverse activities, especially winter sports.”

On their last day at SeAMK, the exchange students gathered once more. Coordinator Jonna-Maria Peltoniemi from International Education Services led a reminiscing journey through the spring semester experiences with pictures received from the students. The photos brought both laughter and wistful tears to the auditorium.

Coordinator Jonna-Maria Peltoniemi

“I believe this has been an unforgettable period in your lives. You have experienced a lot together: excitement in a new country with new people, learning new things, making friends, and some even falling in love. Cherish this experience in your hearts,” Peltoniemi said as words of encouragement with the pictures.

A total of 67 exchange students from 15 different countries studied at SeAMK in the spring.