Companies and organisations can submit thesis topics for SeAMK's students

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Kaksi naista katsoo tietokoneen näyttöä.

Companies and organisations can now submit thesis topics via a form on the website for SeAMK’s students. SeAMK’s students and staff can view the submitted topics on SeAMK’s intranet.  

The form asks, for example, the topic of the thesis, the requirements of the thesis worker, the aim and schedule of the thesis and possible compensation. If the thesis can also be done in English, fill in the English version of the form. 

SeAMK reviews the submitted thesis topics and publishes them without delay. If necessary, we will ask companies for more information. 

Students contact the companies or organisations directly. 

Submitted topic will be removed from the intranet at the end of the application period. A message will be sent to the submitter’s email four days prior the application deadline. If needed, it is possible to contact SeAMK and, for example, extend the application period. 

Further information is available by email: