eTutorial passport Privacy Statement 

Articles 13 and 14 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Data Protection Act (1050/2018)

Articles 13 and 14 of the Combined Data Subject Information Document (EU Data Protection Regulation 2016/679)

1. Controller

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, SeAMK Library
Kampusranta 11, Frami F
FI-60320 Seinäjoki, Finland
+358 20 124 3000

2. Controller’s representative

Asmo Myllyaho, Head of Property and Information Management, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences,
tel. +358 40 830 4262

2a. Official responsible for the personal data file

Matti Mäkelä, Designer, Teaching Technologies 
tel. +358 40 830 0330 
matti.makela (at) 

2b. Contact persons in matters relating to the data file

Matti Mäkelä, Designer, Teaching Technologies 
tel. +358 40 830 0330 
matti.makela (at) 

Riikka Muurimäki, Designer, Teaching Technologies 
tel. +358 40 830 2204
riikka.muurimaki (at) 

Anna Lepistö, Designer, Information Management 
tel. +358 40 830 2288
anna.lepisto (at) 

Pasi Alanen, Designer, Teaching Technologies 
tel. +358 40 830 4000
pasi.alanen (at) 

2c. Contact details of the Data Protection Officer

Jarmo Jaskari, Data Protection Officer, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences
tel. +358 40 868 0680

3. Name of the data file

eTutorial passport Privacy Statement 

4. Purpose of processing personal data/data file use

Collect tutor lessons for credits and their statistics. 

5. Purpose of maintaining the data file

Statutory obligation and the data subject’s own consent and accumulation of credits. 

5a. Data content of the file

Mandatory information about the registrant: 

  • First name and surname
  • Email address
  • Form of tutoring
  • Degree Programme
  • Tutoring done
  • Date
  • Hours  

The information is retained for one (1) year. 

5b. Information systems using the data file

Microsoft Forms, Microsoft Excel and Peppi student administration system

6. Regular sources of data

Information provided by the data subject himself. 

7. Regular disclosure of data

Transfer of credits to Peppi student administration system’s

8. Transfer of data outside the EU or the EEA

No data stored in the file is transferred outside the EU or the EEA.

9. Principles of data file protection

A.      Manual material

There is no manual material 

B.      Computer-processed data

You log in to the form with your personal M365 ID. Electronically processed data travels encrypted on the open Internet.

The personal register created from the personal data on the server is protected by the personal access rights of the administrators.

In addition to the information security regulations of the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, the measures in accordance with the services of Microsoft, which acts as the registry administratorare followed in the protection of the register and the service.