SeAMK closes its campus – transitions to distance learning on March 18

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Henkilä työskenteleekannettavalla tietokoneella.

SeAMK closes its campus – transitions to distance learning on Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences has made policies in response to the coronavirus outbreak on 18 March – 31 May 2020. The SeAMK campus will be closed and students will no longer be able to enter the campus starting tomorrow.

As per Government’s guidelines of March 16, 2020, SeAMK will close its campus on March 18, 2020. Based on current information, the campus is closed until April 13, 2020. The teaching will be carried out remotely until 31 May 2020.

Access to the campus is only granted for staff to do certain tasks. Students no longer have access to the premises.

The campus restaurants, cafes and library are also closed. The library serves normally online.

Staff will work remotely – Support for distance learning increased

Staff will work remotely starting on March 18, 2020. Working at Campus is only possible with a separate permission from SeAMK’s management (President, Vice President or Administrative Director) or from the Head of Unit. The functionality of support services and IT services will be ensured. Necessary work is permitted in RDI laboratories and in situations requiring a use of dedicated equipment.

Training and support on distance learning for staff has been increased. The functionality of support services and IT services will be ensured.

SeAMK’s events are cancelled for the spring

SeAMK cancels all events for more than 10 people and seeks to organize them remotely. National guidance on arranging the entrance examinations will be followed.

 All trips are cancelled

All trips abroad by SeAMK staff and students have been cancelled until May 31, 2020 SeAMK does not accept foreign guests during this spring.

All exchange students currently studying abroad have been invited back to Finland. Exchange students at SeAMK have been offered the opportunity to return home and take courses and exams remotely from their home countries.

SeAMK recommends that staff and students do not travel abroad in their leisure time either. In any case, after returning from abroad to home, staff and students must stay at home quarantine for 14 days and work and study remotely. Domestic trips should also be made only when necessary and use remote connections and meetings instead.

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