website gets new colours and a new navigation menu

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Our website's appearance and navigation menu change 5.6.2024.

SeAMK’s website ( will experience a minor facelift on Wednesday, 5 June 2024, when the website’s colour scheme and navigation menu will be renewed.  

Due to the changes, there will interruptions and disturbances in the functionality of the website on June 5th, e.g. in the functionality of the links. 

New brand colours introduced

The website’s blue colour will be replaced by a new brand colour of lilac. It can be seen on the site, for example, in various buttons and other visual elements, as well as in the colour of the links.  

The current yellow colour changes its tone slightly, and gray and pink are seen alongside it as an additional colour.  

Some new visual elements will be added to the website, e.g. various content banners. 

Accessibility deficiencies are also being corrected to make the site easier to use for all users. 

The navigation menu changes position and shape

The navigation area at the top of the website becomes clearer as the number of different links decreases.  

The links to the main pages and their subpages can be found both on a computer and on a mobile device in the navigation menu at the top right of the site. The new menu is called a hamburger menu. The icon of the new menu is three dashes. 

The names and URL addresses of the main pages will change  

Website’s new content structure will change the names and URLs of the main pages.  

The new main pages in English will be called Studies, Admissions, Work-life collaboration, Research and development, News and About us.  

In addition to these, there will be a dedicated page for both new and current students called For students, where general information related to the start of studies and studying will be collected. 

The name of the current Students and staff page will be changed to Shortcuts. 

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