SeAMK has transferred to electronic degree certificates

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SeAMK onnittelee!

SeAMK will give out the first electronic certificates to graduating students, starting from 2.4.2024.

In late spring, starting from 2.4.2024, graduating students will get an electronic degree certificate instead of a paper certificate, and from now on, the electronic certificate is the only original and official degree certificate. Students who have graduated earlier cannot get an electronic degree certificate retroactively.

Electronic degree certificate is a natural transfer into digitalisation. Introduction of electronic degree certificate fulfills the set goals for digitalisation both at SeAMK and in the Digivisio 2030 programme for Finnish higher education institutions. Most universities of applied sciences in Finland have already replaced paper degree certificates with electronic degree certificates.

Regulation from the National Archives of Finland speeded up the transfer

Speeding up the transfer to electronic degree certificates has been a regulation issued by the National Archives of Finland for Finnish higher education institutions, to start archiving the permanently archived documents, such as degree certificates, in electronic form only. Electronic degree certificates at SeAMK are produced according to EU’s PAdES-LTA standard, that enables the electronically signed documents to be long-term archived. LTA aims for the longest possible time for archiving electronically signed documents.

Electronic degree certificates will be stored in a digital archive at SeAMK. If the electronic degree certificate is lost, the student can ask for a new original electronic certificate.

Electronic degree certificate

Electronic degree certificate is a PDF document, that has been signed electronically by the President at SeAMK, with a digital certificate from Digital and Population Data Services Agency. With the digital certificate, the degree certificate is more reliable and has higher data security than the paper or PDF copies of paper degree certificates. The authenticity of the electronic degree certificate can easily be verified online, in the service of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency or in SeAMK Atomi Validator Service. Electronic degree certificate prevents forgery of certificates.

Electronic certificates are widely accepted internationally. Electronic degree certificate is a document accepted throughout the EU. The digital certificate complies with eIDAS (EU) regulation and fulfills the highest level of qualified electronic signatures (QES-level). Electronic degree certificate at SeAMK is part of Atomi service, provided by Finnish company Studyo. 

Electronic degree certificate in practice

Electronic degree certificate is practical. It makes storing the degree certificate, applying jobs or further education, and interacting with other organisations easier, when the certificate is already in electronic form. Electronic degree certificate does not need to be certified as true, since every saved electronic certificate is an official, original degree certificate, whose authenticity can be verified by any receiver of the certificate.

Transfer to electronic degree certificates smoothens the process of graduation. Student will get their degree certificate faster, since making, signing, and sending the certificate in electronic form happens faster. The student will be able to download the certificate for themselves through a link sent to their email. Electronic degree certificate at SeAMK has at the same time a new visual appearance. Electronic degree certificate reduces printing and is therefore ecological and sustainable.