SeAMK participates in Pride 2022 – "Long-term work is done for equality and non-discrimination"

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Pride viikon kuvituskuva.

SeAMK participates in the Pride event, which promotes the rights of sexual and gender minorities, with social media updates and by raising the Pride-inspired image on the front page of the website.  With this gesture, we also want to open up the concrete work that is being done every day for equality.

– Pride is about the important work that is done for equality, non-discrimination and the realisation of human rights. SeAMK has an important role to play as a pioneer in this. We want to be a safe, non-discriminatory and respectful study and work community, says Prssident and CEO Jaakko Hallila.

Equality and non-discrimination at the centre

SeAMK has zero tolerance for harassment, and ready-made operating models for bullying and harassment. Long-term work is being done for equality and non-discrimination. Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences has an equality and non-discrimination plan, occupational safety and health plans and operating models for early intervention.

With Pride-themed images and social media posts, members of the SeAMK community communicate about their work for the promotion of equality now and in the future. They tell about SeAMK’s activities and values to promote equality.

Seinäjoki Pride 2022 human rights and culture event will be held in the City Seinäjoki from 6 to 12 June 2022, organised by SeAMK’s cultural production student Anni Viitamäki for Lakeuden Sateenkaari ry association.