The number of applicants for SeAMK's degree programmes in English continued to grow strongly in the Joint Application

Kolme opiskelijaa juttelee nurmikolla.

The Joint Application of the Finnish higher education institutions ended on Wednesday, January 18 at 15.00. There was a total of 5,049 applicants for SeAMK’s four Bacherlor degree programmes in English. Last year, there were a total of 2,481 applicants for the four Bachelor degree programmes and one Master degree programme in the Joint Application.

Among SeAMK’s English-language degree programmes, the Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business programme, which has been offered the longest, has the most applicants: a total of 2,250, which is 1,493 more applicants than in 2022.

The new Bachelor of Engineering, Agri-food Engineering degree programme that started last fall and further strengthens SeAMK’s unique food sector, gathered the second most applicants. There are a total of 1,182 applicants, which is 825 more than last year.

There was also a large increase in the number of applicants for Bachelor of Engineering, Automation Engineering (864 applicants) and Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing (753 applicants). In addition to English language skills, B1 level Finnish language skills are required for the Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing degree programme.

In the Joint Application, an applicant can apply for a maximum of six different degree programmes with one application form. The programmes are not ranked in order of preference. An applicant can be selected for several degree programmes in different applications but can accept only one study place leading to a university degree from the programmes starting in the same semester.

A positive challenge

“Growth through internationalisation is a significant strategic goal for SeAMK. With such a large number of applicants, we have a big job ahead of us to find the best students among the applicants. So there is a positive challenge ahead,” says Jaakko Hallila, President & CEO of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.

SeAMK Direct Application: Applying is still possible for some of the degree programmes in English

It is possible to apply for the Master of Business Administration, International Business Management degree programme as well as  the Automation Engineering, International Business and Agri-food Engineering degree programmes leading to a Bachelor degree through the ongoing SeAMK Direct Application by 15.00 Finnish time on January 27, 2023.

Check out the applying details on SeAMK Direct Application webpage.


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