Practical Information

School of Business and Culture is located in Frami Campus area, building F, adress: Kampusranta 11 (60320 Seinäjoki). See campus area on map:Frami`s map

In the Frami campus area is also located the studies of Technology, Culture and Social Work and Hospitality Management. Moreover, there are lots of companies based in the area. Visit the Frami area at: Look at FRAMI



If two classes are held non-stop, the break will be extended correspondingly.

Evening classes (adult student groups) will be held the same way as before, starting at 17.15 and ending at 20.55. This includes 5 lessons.


Student Union

The premises of SAMO is located on the first floor.

Seinäjoen Opiskelijapalvelut Oy provides copying and printing services at a student-friendly price on the premises of SAMO.

Student and staff have even two cafeterias to choose from: the restaurant sells coffee, and Café Tsumppi will have its new facilities established in the entrance tambour between Frami E and F. The customers of Tsumppi also have the tables of the E-canteen at their disposal when no teaching (related to Hospitality Management) or other events are taking place there.


Parking of bikes and cars

There are stands for bikes both at the front and the rear door.

NOTICE! Parking at Areena parking area and car park hall of SeiPark are going to be subject to a charge. You can only park free by collecting sticker (to be placed in your cars windshield) for Areena parking area or doing as told below for the SeiPark park hall.

The best way to come to the Campus area and Frami F is by bike or walk! If you live in Marttila there is a bridge over the river and that is the shortests and easiest way!

You can reserve a parking permit for your car for parking in the car park of SeiPark Oy. Alternatively, you can park on the parking area of Areena with permit sticker you can collect from Samo office.

130 parking squares have been reserved in the car park of SeiPark Oy for the students of Seinäjoki UAS studying on the Frami campus. Get a parking permit for the car park / the parking area of Areena by filling in the reservation form by the end of the current year (see link below).

Parking is possible depending on the current capacity of the car park. At the entrance ramp of the car park, there is a panel showing how many vacant parking squares there are available in the area reserved for students at each moment. If there are no vacancies left in the car park, you can park on the parking area of Areena. The parking squares are not personal: you can park your car on any vacant parking square. Staff, visitors and students have their own parking squares in the car park. The disabled parking squares are located outside.

Further information about the car park:

Parking is free of charge for SeAMK students. In addition to a parking sticker to be placed on the windscreen, required for the parking area of Areena, the parking permit includes two access cards, of which one is for the boom gate of the car park and the other for its wicket doors. The student must be sure not to lose the cards or to hand them over to any outsider. When your study entitlement ends, you will have to return your parking permit. A fee will be charged to replace a lost card (value about 20 €).

Further information:

Mikko Parkkonen
tel. +358 40 830 3962
e-mail mikko.parkkonen(a)


Coats, lockers and toilets

The facilities are equipped with electronic surveillance. In addition, there are 2 to 4 lockers for use by students. The lockers are in the corridors next to the classrooms.

There are also toilets on every floor. In most cases, the toilets are at the end of the building facing Areena. The toilets are signposted.



There are info-TV’s in use also in Frami F, providing information about important topical issues. The building is also equipped with traditional noticeboards. The policy regarding the putting of notices on the notice board will be agreed on later.

Please remember that your SeAMK email will still remain the most important channel of information, in addition to Intra!


WLAN and it support

The building is equipped with a WLAN.

In IT issues, always contact Jelppari first: Change password by mobile phone


Students` own working area

On the 1st floor, there is a student lounge, which can be used freely. The corridor of the 1st floor also features “bus stops”, which a chair and a slot for a laptop computer. Also these bus stops can be freely used by everybody.

Some programs, such as SPSS, can be found on the computers of the IT classrooms (not everywhere) and on some of the computers in the working area.



Restaurant services are provided by Sodexo. The canteens are located in Frami F and in Frami B. Furthermore, there are two cafeterias in the Frami area. Hospitality Management student's restaurant Prikka is located in Frami E.



There is always access from every classroom to the adjacent classroom, and every room is equipped with an emergency exit. The emergency exits lead to the emergency exit route surrounding the building, with stairs leading down and away from the building.

Please ask us a question, and we will be pleased to answer you.
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