Development projects

Most of the development projects of SeAMK Business are related to entrepreneurship and SME management. The aim of the projects is to develop the operations of South Ostrobothnian SME’s and to offer our expertise for the use of companies. In the implementation of the projects, we exploit our extensive cooperation network both in Finland and abroad.


Coordinator: Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences
Period: 2011-2012
Partners: University of Applied Sciencesfor Social work Education and Care, Germany; Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences, Germany; Multidisciplinary European Research Institute (MERIG), Austria; Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland
Objectives: Mapping of good practices in European care business and entrepreneurial education. Financing: European Social Fund

Contact: salla.kettunen(a)

Development of Business Competencies

Period of implementation: 2008–2011
Financing: ESR (TE Centre for South Ostrobothnia)
Partners: SEDU, STOY, University Consortium of Seinäjoki
Description: The aim of the project is to develop, through extensive cooperation between the actors, the business competencies of South Ostrobothnian companies and, thereby, to remove obstacles to growth and internationalization. The services offered to companies include training packages in business competencies and internationalization, the Advisory Board start-up service, the Management Group start-up and sparring service, as well as mentoring services. Training packages aimed at graduates planning to embark on entrepreneurship and at people older than 50 years are provided, too.

Further information: Pauliina Talvitie, +358 40 830 2382

Growth to Entrepreneurship

Period of implementation:
2008 – 2011
Financing: ESR (OPH)
Partners: Valkeakosken Seudun Kehitys Oy (administrator), Jyväskylä Joint Municipal Authority for Education, Valkeakoski unit of HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Valkeakoski Vocational Institute, Mänttä Regional Vocational Education Centre
Description: The aim of the sub-project of SeAMK is to develop learning methods of entrepreneurship and course contents suiting a big and multidisciplinary university of applied sciences and to improve the connection between R & D and instruction. Another aim is to develop methods of measurements allowing to measure more accurately and more informatively students’ resources and capabilities to act as entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the aim is to develop and to pilot methods aimed at measuring the impact of measures of entrepreneurship education.

Further information: Helena Hannu, +358 40 830 4238

A Cluster Foresight Model for Competency Needs Analysis; Development of Learning Content in Professional Secondary and Higher Education

Period of implementation: 2008–2010
Financing: ESR (OPH)
Partners: School of Technology of SeAMK
Description: The aim of the project is to create a replicatable and convertible cluster anticipatory model in order to develop the learning content and pedagogy of professional secondary and higher education to meet future competence challenges. In this pilot project, a network-like production mode of the future is used in an engineering and construction cluster in South Ostrobothnia.

Further information:
Kirsti Sorama, +358 40 830 2205

Capture and management of the supply process of the UN Market – a Model for the Internationalization of South Ostrobothnian SME’s

Period of implementation:
Financing: Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia
Partners: School of Technology of SeAMK (administrator), Merinova Oy
Description: The aim of the project is to transform suppliership to the UN into a means of internationalization in manufacturing SME’s in South Ostrobothnia, Ostrobothnia and Mid Ostrobothnia as well as to produce a service point model to secure the constancy of the activities.

Further information: Pauliina Talvitie, +358 40 830 2382

International Projects

Strategic Integrated International Management for SME’s, (SIIM)

Period of implementation: 2008-2009
Financing: TEMPUS
Partners: Wismar University(DE), Kostanai State University (KZ), Rudniy Industrial Institute (KZ), ATI Westmcklenburg (DE), Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (KZ)
Description: The aim of this TEMPUS financed project is to develop and implement, together with Wismar University (DE), an MBA Degree at two institutions of higher education in Kazahstan (Kostanai State University and Rudnyi Industrial Institute). Two duration of the project is 2 years; it will end in autumn 2009.  

Further information: Pauliina Talvitie, +358 40 830 2382

Bio Culture

Period of implementation: 2008-2009
Financing: Leonardo
Partners: EEDA (UK), BARDA (BL), Medicon Valley Academy (DK), Bioindustry Park del Canavese (IT), Dialogue Language Services (UK)
Description: In this Leonardo project, information is gathered about the language and culture training needs of internationalizing SME’s in the field of Life Science. On the basis of the results, workshop material will be prepared for language and culture training (Roadmaps). The material will be piloted in the UK, Denmark and Italy.

Further information: Heli Simon, +358 40 830 4129
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