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Degree Programme in Business Management (Finnish)


The purpose of the degree programme is that students know the content, meaning and different areas of business operations. They are able to apply their knowledge and skills in practical business tasks and they are also able to assess and develop business operations.

During their first and second years of study, students learn about the foundations of business management and acquire skills to work in the various areas of business.

After students have completed the studies common to all, they choose between a number of specialisations, which provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to work as experts in a specific area of business in Finland and abroad. Expertise can be described as competence profiles that students have having completed their studies.

Students have the following options of specialisation:

  • In Electronic business studies students learn to implement and develop online business.
  • By choosing the option Retail trade and entrepreneurship the student has an opportunity to participate in retail trade training organised by the K retail chain.
  • In the FramiPro learning environment students from different fields of study complete projects commissioned by companies and organisations.
  • Tempo studies provide an opportunity to specialise in Employment and economic development. Student choose 15 credits of studies in the field of social work and part of the studies are organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour.
  • In the Business Pre-Incubator the student can develop their own business idea and entrepreneurial competence during the studies.
  • Students have a chance to complete a Double Degree which allows them to receive a degree certificate both from Seinäjoki UAS and a foreign partner institution of higher education.

The degree programme also contains methodological studies for skills in research and development, practical training and a bachelor’s thesis. A comprehensive language programme gives an opportunity to develop and expand language skills. Studies in Swedish, English, German, French, Spanish and Russian are available. It is also possible to study Finnish as a foreign language.

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