The aim of the project

The aim of this 3-year project (2012–2015) is to plan a master program for educating experts within the EU and globally to the tasks of wood energy production, trade and transportation as well as to the research & development tasks of wood energy sector.



The EU has set very challenging aims for the partial replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy by 2020. In many EU countries forests are a remarkable source of renewable energy and wood energy is an important export product. Correspondingly there are several EU countries where renewable energy resources are limited. For these reasons the international trade of wood energy is inevitable and increasing. The technologies for wood energy production, transportation and use are developing rapidly both inside and outside the EU. Increasing numbers of professionals who know the latest technology and international trade rules as well as environmental aspects are needed. Starting the international education of wood energy professionals is the best way to meet the future challenges. Our consortium consists of six of the most outstanding higher educational institutes and bio-energy research organizations from different parts of Europe.


Headlines of the curriculum

The planned master program will be based on the student’s former B.Sc. or equivalent studies, primarily of forestry or other bio-sciences. The consortium will plan a 2-year joint/double degree program consisting of the following studies:

- silvicultural methods and forest management systems for energy wood production
- harvesting, measurement, transportation, drying and refining of energy wood
- production of heating energy and electricity in wood energy based heating and power plants
- wood energy trade, customs regulations, legislation inside and outside the EU
- wood energy economy: profitability, public support etc.
- environmental issues concerning the production, transportation and use of wood energy
- a thesis related to a wood energy topic
- training periods in the student’s home country and abroad

Through this project the EU's education, energy and environmental policies meet at the campuses.


The members of the consortium

- Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (coordinator, Seinäjoki, Finland)
- National Research Council, Timber and Trees Institute CNR-IVALSA (Florence, Italy) in co-operation with
The University of Florence
- Inverness College UHI, University of the Highlands and Islands (Inverness, UK)
- University of West Hungary (Sopron)
- Forest Sciences Center of Catalonia CTFC (Solsona, Spain)
- University of Lleida (Lleida, Spain)


Implementation of the master program

The eWood project ends in September 2015. Our consortium is searching for a new source of funding to implement the program in near future.


Additional information:
Dr. Tapani Tasanen


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