Degree Programme in Forestry

The Degree Programme in Forestry does not take any new students.

The specialisation lines of the Degree Programme in Forestry are: Forestry Production and Nature and Rural Tourism. The extent of the Degree Programme is 240 credits (ECTS). According to the their subject areas, the studies are grouped into study modules, which are further divided into study units, which are either compulsory, optional or free choice study units.

The objective of the programme is to provide future forestry engineers with sound basic skills required for tasks in forestry and nature rural tourism plus up-to-date expertise in the sectors selected by the student. The programme is aimed at improving the students’ independent data gathering, cooperative and communicative skills as well as their working life connections in Finland and abroad. In addition to the basic studies, the key studies of the Forestry Production line are Silviculture, Wood Procurement and Forest Planning. In the line of ecotourism, the emphasis is on knowledge of tourism, the use of nature as a leisure time environment, production of nature experiences and ecotourism.

In addition, common and important subject areas in both lines are entrepreneurship, marketing, leadership, communication skills and environmental protection.

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