Degree Programme in Elderly Care

210 credits (ECTS), including 50-75 credits of practical training

The graduates of this degree programme become Bachelors of Health Care and Social Work (Elderly Care) and they are called geronomi (AMK) in Finnish. They are experts of elderly care, whose aim is to promote the health, well-being, functional capacity and social participation of elderly citizens.

The degree programme combines multi-disciplinary gerontological knowledge with practical elderly care qualifications and with the supervision and development of services for elderly people

The experts of elderly care work with individual clients, providing guidance and tailor-made services to support home-care, and as managers and developers of services in municipalities and institutions for elderly clients. They are also specialists of dementia work.

Dr. Päivi Rinne, Head of the Degree Programme
Tel. +358 20 124 5122, e-mail paivi.rinne(a)
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