Degree Programme in Social Work

210 credits (ECTS), including 45 credits of practical training

The graduates of this degree programme are Bachelors of Social Work and they are called sosionomi in Finnish. They are experts and developers of social welfare, functional capacity and social participation.

They work in the social field, educating, guiding and supporting their clients, managing and developing social services and guiding and counselling people in social security issues. In their work they apply psychosocial, interactive, community-based and creative methods and various organisation and development methods to meet the needs of different clients groups.

The students study and develop citizen and client-oriented work methods and aim at new action models to continuously improve the social care delivery system.

Dr. Päivi Rinne, Head of the Degree Programme
Tel. +358 20 124 5122, e-mail paivi.rinne(a)

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