Dear Valued Partners of School of Technology and School of Food and Agriculture of Seinäjoki UAS,

School of Technology together with School of Food and Agriculture of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences will arrange the annual  International Project Week from the 28th of September  to the 2nd of October  (week 40) in 2015.  This year again our International Project Week will be a joint venture with School of Food and Agriculture and the 10th International Project arranged by School of Technology.  We  look forward to receiving a lot of guests from all the fields of the studies represented at these two schools.  We have a very comprehensive and diverse range of studies available at these two schools and thus the possibilities for networking among our guests are excellent.

 Our guest lecturers are expected to deliver  either two sets of four (4) lectures (= 4 x 45 min) OR four  sets of double lectures (=2 x 45 min), with breaks in between of course – if desire -  to a/one student group of their fields representing in their lectures a topic/topics that cover the topics  given enclosed in the registration form. The flexibility and adaptability respecting our guests on our side can be taken for granted.  The lectures will take place in the mornings Tues - Thurs.  Additionally introductory lectures on the universities of the guests are expected to be given to our students.    Our own lecturers will take care of grading and other practical arrangements.  Monday will be the general orientation and discussion day.

Please submit  your registrations for the International Project Week with the topics you want to share with our students
 They will be forwarded to the heads of the degree programmes who will take care of the arrangements of the lectures given by our guest lecturers.  Please find enclosed the link to our study guide:  Dead-line for submitting your abstracts is

the 31st  of  August  2015

This year programme allows the flexibility to all the administrators and  R&D staff to take part in the International Project Week whose programmes will be customized according to their wishes and needs.

The arrangements will take place in the frames of the Erasmus Teacher/Staff Exchange agreements.  We as organizers will take care of all the practical arrangements during your stay with us whereas the expenses covering the accommodation and travelling of the participants to/from Seinäjoki should be covered by the Erasmus grants of the participating universities or other related funding which is completely up to the policy of the participating university or organization. The certificates needed to certify the exchange to meet and fulfil the Erasmus requirements will be provided by Schools of Technology and Food and Agriculture of Seinäjoki UAS.  

Seinäjoki can be reached easily by train from Helsinki.  Please find enclosed the link to the timetables of the Finnish Rail:

The following hotels available for our guests.  All are centrally located.  The hotels are:

Hotel Alma also a quiet hotel next to the railway station, but has some evening entertainment, e.g. a bar.

The price for a single room at the Alma is 85€/a night.

Hotel Lakeus,  is a business class hotel, a. 100 meters farther away  from the Hotel Alma, near the railway station as well, the price being 90€/a night.

All the prices are for a single room with a bathroom and breakfast included. However, the rooms are mainly double rooms and in case of accompanying persons some more extra, a. 20€,  needs to be paid.

Please fill in the accommodation according to your wishes in the registration form.

The preliminary outline of the programme is following that will be specified later.

The preliminary draft of the programme:
Ylös / Up