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Practical Information

Academic Calendar

Tuition at School of Engineering is given from the beginning of September to the end of May of the following year. The tuition has been divided into four eight week lecture periods.

The syllabus is distributed prior to the commencement of a new lecture period. Lectures are given between 8.00 a .m. and 9.00 p.m. Some lectures are given on Saturdays.

Student Affairs Office and Student Counselling

Student Counselling aims at providing students with study related information.

The Student Affairs Office offers varied advice and services. It provides student certificates, study guides, application forms, information on accommodation etc. Enrolment for re-sit and grade-improvement examinations, changes of address etc. and student grant issues are handled at the Student Affairs Office.  The office is open from 9.00-15.00.

Engineering students have personal tutors (study advisor). In addition, each new entrant to the study programme has a student guide, who has been studying for one or more years. The tutor and the student guide provide information on School of Engineering and studying in general. The tutor is specifically assigned for assisting students with any study-related issues and gives advice for example in preparing the Individual Study Plan, subject selections and applications relating to the studies. International contact staff offer advice on study and work experience opportunities abroad. They also assist with the practical arrangements.

Lecturers provide subject-specific tuition and heads of department will, in addition to tuition, assist in subject selection and preparation of the Individual Study Plan. The Work Placement Engineer assists in issues relating to practical training and employment

The Student Affairs Office
FRAMI F, 3rd Floor
Open from 9.00 to 15.00
e-mail: tekniikka(a)seamk.fi
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