Bachelor Programmes

General Structure of the Degree Programmes

There are five Bachelor-level programmes provided in the School of Technology. They are taught in Finnish but there also some courses available in English in these programmes.



The study programmes consist of Basic Studies, Professional Studies, practical work and a Final Engineering Project or Thesis. The engineering Degrees consist of 240 credits (ECTS). Practical training accounts for 30 credits or 60 credits. The work involves lectures at the School of Technology and independent study, including preparation for examinations.

The studies and lectures are organised as study units or courses, which are grouped into module structures relating to different subject areas. The study units or courses are either compulsory, alternative or free-choice studies. The same study unit can be part of several modules. However, the student can only include the earned credits in one particular module.

The Professional Studies consist of Common Professional Studies, Advanced Professional Studies of the Specialization Lines and Elective Professional Studies. The Basic Studies and Common Professional Studies must be completed first. The Final Engineering Project or Thesis is completed during the final year.

Specialization Lines

At least one Specialization Line must be chosen in case the Degree Programme has several Specialization Lines. The number of the students in each Specialization Line is restricted. The selection criteria are based on the student’s success in their previous studies. A Specialization Line can be offered every other year in case the number of applicants is insufficient. The Specialization Line is selected by the spring term of the second year.

Background studies

Most of the studies are the same for students with Matriculation or Technician-Engineer Certificates. Any differences in the requirements are mentioned in the Study Guide. Students who have previously completed higher education or polytechnic-level studies may apply for exemption. The exempted studies must correspond to the objectives of the courses of the University of Applied Sciences.

Eligibility for further studies
All the Bachelor Degree Programmes give the students the eligibility for Master-level programmes.
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