Information Technology

Engineers in Information Technology work in key positions in the technology industry and IT programming and service-providing companies. IT engineers typically work as programme designers, electronics designers, network designers, product managers, sales managers, product development managers, or production managers. Many IT engineering students work in the field while they study. The employment situation for this profession is indeed excellent. 

Specialization lines 

Programme Technology Module 
In the Programme Technology Module, the future engineers acquire competence in utilizing programme technology in various applications for industry and business. Students learn about information communications technology, computer graphics, Internet and mobile programming, as well as programming for automation systems. 

Courses in the Embedded Systems Module train students to develop products for the electronics industry. Students also learn about the different phases of production and how to utilise electronics in controlling machines, devices or systems. Students are introduced to the designing of embedded systems, microprocessors and the programming of them, as well as the manufacturing of electronics. 
Information Network Technology Module
In the Information Network Technology Module, students learn about the design and maintenance of information networks. Additionally, students gain knowledge of how to manage the data processing systems in a company. They are introduced to information networks, information communications technology, and the Linux- and Microsoft-based server technologies.
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