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Mechanical and Production Engineering


 Automotive and Transportation Engineering
An automobile engineer specialized in Automotive and Work Machine Engineering has the basic knowledge of a mechanical engineer with the advanced professional expertise in vehicles and industrial vehicles. Electronics and information technology integrated with mechanics are the most essential areas of know-how. Studies in ethics and PR contribute to necessary team work and customer service skills.
Our modern Automotive and Transportation Engineering laboratory is provided with e.g. four-wheel-drive power measuring equipment. It can measure, test and even trouble-shoot with a full load.
An Automotive and Work Machine engineer has skills required in any task of all the areas of the automobile field and mechanical engineering, from design to maintenance and marketing.

Mechanical and Production Engineering
The aim of the Specializtion Line of Mechanical and Production Engineering is to train mechanical engineers mastering the production processes and production management of the mechanical and metal industry. The graduates of the programme have the skills and knowledge to work as experts and executives in the scope of design to sales and marketing in the field of the mechanical and metal industry.
The Specializtion Line of Mechanical and Production Engineering consists of production technology, mechanical engineering and entrepreneurship. The studies offer wide specialization options with advanced professional studies. The practical training provides the students with hands-on training at the various levels of the fields of mechanical and production engineering.
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