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Profile Areas

1. Sustainable food solutions

- New processes for the food industry
- ICT solutions for food and agriculture
- Bioenergy solutions for farms in a low-carbon society
- Safety in the food chain
- Green care and tourism as a side activity of farms


2. Smart and energy efficient Systems

Smart and energy efficient systems focuses on:
- Increasing the competitiveness, productivity and renewal in manufacturing and building industries
- Agile industry: promotion of the utilization of digital manufacturing and industrial internet
- Construction of wooden buildings and use of wood in renovation as well as digitalization of construction prosesses


3. Welfare and creative communities and individuals

- Preventive and interdisciplinary services for individuals and families
- Proactive and empowering services for the elderly
- Enabling integration and well-being in working life, including management development 
- More wellbeing for individuals from cultural services 
- Digitalization in health care and social services 


4. Entrepreneurship, new business consepts and service innovations

- Business transfers
- Growth entrepreneurship
- Entrepreurial intentions and student entrepreneurship
- Strategic business development 
- Development of entrepreneurship ecosystems



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