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Study Counselling

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The purpose of study counselling is to support students in achieving the general goals of their studies, choosing a suitable professional direction and career planning, as well as in the recognition of prior learning, the progression of studies and in possible problems pertaining to their studies.

Study counselling is based on the Seinäjoki UAS student counselling guidelines, Seinäjoki UAS accessibility guidelines and Seinäjoki UAS guidelines for recognition of prior learning. Each faculty of Seinäjoki UAS is responsible for executing study counselling according to the guidelines of the faculty.

A student has a right to counselling services throughout his/her study period. Counselling and consultation is provided in all stages of students' education, as group consultation and individually, based on individual needs. Counselling is provided pertaining to studies and practical training as well as personal study planning. The student is responsible for participating in the counselling as needed. Being active and having a desire to receive counselling are crucial factors in student counselling.

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