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Working Life Orientation

Career guidance and working life orientation are an important part of studying in Seinäjoki UAS. On this page you can find some information related to the working life orientation of the international students of Seinäjoki UAS, including practical training, entrepreneurship in education, part-time work during studies, and so on.

During the years 2012–2014, a project called Work for Future (more information below) aims at further developing the working life connections and social integration of the international degree students of Seinäjoki UAS.

Practical training during studies (Study Guide of Seinäjoki UAS)
Entrepreneurship in education (Study Guide of Seinäjoki UAS)

Part-time work during studies and employment after graduation

When seeking for a job in Seinäjoki/Finland, you should at first register to the local Employment and Economic Development Office ("TE Office"). They offer access to Finland’s largest job register. After registration you will receive the most recent information on available vacancies and employers' requirements. 

The different ways of looking for a job in Finland include: 
a) utilising your local network contacts which you will gain during your studies by being active in participating various study related projects and events involving the local citizens as well as the local companies and other organisations and your practical training place
 b) searching the web, e.g. TE Offices' Public Employment and Business Services for Jobseekers and www.monster.fi (in Finnish) and answering the job announcements with direct applications, delivered as instructed by the employer: by electronic application system, by email or by regular mail (including copies of the required certificates) 
c) contacting interesting companies directly with open applications. 

Importance of the Finnish language

According to studies and practical experience gained in cooperation with the employers, the single most important thing affecting the international degree students' practical training and other employment is FINNISH LANGUAGE. We recommend all international students of Seinäjoki UAS to actively participate the Finnish language lessons offerend during their studies and in addition to engage in extracurrical learning of the language for example through language courses offered by Seinäjoki Adult Education Centre and other organisations and by being active to use the Finnish language skills in the everyday life.

Learn Finnish

The Work for Future project: developing the international degree students' working life connections

From April 2012 until June 2014, the working life connections of the international degree students of Seinäjoki UAS are being developed further through the European Regional Development Fund project "WORK FOR FUTURE".
Main target groups of the project Work for Future:

  • Companies and public organisations in the region of South Ostrobothnia
  • Foreign degree students of Seinäjoki UAS
  • Other related target groups (e.g. Friend Families in the region)

Main objectives of the project Work for Future:

  • Raising an interest for international professionals based on cooperation with  companies and organisations in the region and answering that demand
  • Modelling the career orientation process of international degree students (”from higher education to working life”)
  • Creating services supporting the working life connections of international degree students 
  • Developing the counselling process of foreign students arriving to South Ostrobothnia in order to facilitate their integration in the local community
  • Developing support packages for companies and organizations in order to support their interest into international recruitments (including the work placements of foreign degree students)

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