12-15, June, 2014, Seinäjoki, Finnland


Delegations arrive


9.00 Welcome to the Annual Meeting at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences
Dr. Kari Ristimäki, Dean, School of Business and Culture

9.30. DUKENET AC starts, Papp Judit President

1. Welcome by the chairman and introduction of new and existing members and colleagues.Papp Judit

Voting on the Agenda

2. Evaluation of Dukenet activities in the year 2013/14

Feedback and action for the future; disciplinary issues
a. Winter Markstrat Scotland James Watt
b. Spring Markstrat Belgium Luc Lefebre
c. NetAware ’14 Poland Slawomir Smyczek
d. General conclusions:
a) General comments, problems, attitude, recruiting, returning students to Markstrat,
     Manual, monitoring/helping students, Cancellations
b) Proposal 1: “Participants’ terms of conditions and agreement”
c) Proposal 2 “ Level of English”
d) Proposal 3 “ Conditions of participation”
e) Proposal 4 “ Teachers’ contribution”

3. Financial matters, Isabel Uitdebroeck, Treasurer of Dukenet

a. Report on the annual financial activities
b. Current financial situation
c. Specialists’ and Assistants’ funds
d. Scientific grant; Proposal 5
e. Reimbursements; Proposal 6
f. Next year’s investments, developments, sponsors, expected costs
a) Website
b) Grants
c) Reimbursements
g. Special status of the Honorary President, Ton Perlo
h. The annual fee for next year

12.00. LUNCH, Restaurant Frami B

13.00. Meeting Part 2

4. Master-level triple degree project, Ms. Anne-Maria Aho

5. Strategic partnership projects under Erasmus+ framework:
Challenges and Opportunities for DUKENET network, Ms. Helli Kitinoja, Manager of
International Affairs

6. Entre Intentio – International Project Cooperation, Sanna Joensuu

7. EMBS , Ralf Wagner

8. EBBS report on the progress, current situation, Italo Trevisan

9. Visibility of Dukenet, external and internal communication

a. Annual Conference
b. Update the partners’ database, Luc Lefebre
c. Press, Diana Ionita
d. Conferences, articles mentioning DUKENET, Papp Judit
e. Regulations, update of the Statue, Proposal 7

10. DUKENET website: update and management, Luc Lefebre

19.00 DINNER, Hotel Alma
Hosted by School of Business and Culture


9.00. Meeting, Part 3.

11. Dukenet activities for the year 2014/15 (to do, where and when)

a. Marketing game(s), James Watt, Volunteers
b. Intensive Programme(s), new application, Slawomir Smyczek
c. Venue of next Annual Conference, Volunteers
d. Other initiatives
a) Cooperation in didactic activities
1. participation in teaching activities
2. Erasmus agreements, DUKENET members
3. European Module, Daniel Madec
4. cooperation in publications, Slawomir Smyczek, Papp Judit
5. Joint research and scientific activities
6. Any other initiatives, DUKENET members

12. Expansion of Dukenet

13. Any other issue, DUKENET members

14. Closing the AC if finished, Papp Judit
Thanks for hosting and organising
Concentrate on common values instead on differences
The power of words, European behaviour

12.30. LUNCH, Hotel Alma

13.30 IF NEEDED, the meeting goes on, Part 4.
If finished, then free time

17.30 Programme organized by the International Office of Seinäjoki University of
Applied Sciences, Kalajärvi Summer Cottage (back at the hotel approx. 11 pm)
Hosted by Ms. Helli Kitinoja, Manager of International affairs


Delegations leave

Opportunity for additional Programme:
Business Seminar (1 pm - .) in Connection with Toyota Nostalgia Car show
(10 am – 6 pm.), place: Seinäjoki Areena

A visit to a museum Törnävän museoalue
Meeting at the hotel at 12.00, tour starts at 12.30

List of proposals:
a) Proposal 1: “Participants’ terms of conditions and agreement”
b) Proposal 2 “ Level of English”
c) Proposal 3 “ Conditions of participation”
d) Proposal 4 “ Teachers’ contribution”
e) Proposal 5: “Scientific grant”
f) Proposal 6: “Reimbursements”
g) Proposal 7: “Regulations, update of the Statue”

Ylös / Up