Lecture and presentation topics / IW2017

School of Business and Culture

Business Management and International Business 

Marketing Management
Brand Management
Customer Management
Sales/Sales Management
Accounting / Financial Management
Negotiation Skills and/or Presentation Skills
Management and Leadership Management (Quality and Environment Management, Process Management...)
International Business

Cultural Management

Art and Culture for Well-being
Current Trends in Cultural Management
Mobile Applications in Event Management
Transmedia Productions in the Future
Media Multitasking

Library and Information Services

Future Skills of Library and Information Services Professionals
Involving Customers – Collaborative Ways of Working
Multiculturalism happening - Multiculturalism in Library Work
Boys/Teens and Reading – How to make it happen?  

Languages and communication

Intercultural Communication
English / Business English

School of Food and Agriculture

Agriculture and Rural Enterprises
Food Processing and Biotechnology: Food Technology, Meat and Prepared Food Technology
Food and Hospitality 

School of Health Care and Social Work

Public Health Nursing
Social Services
Elderly Care

School of Technology

Geometry and Triangle Trigonometry
Derivative Applications
Sustainable Development
Energy Efficiency
Digitalisation in a) Automation Engineering, b) Mechanical Engineering, c) Automotive Engineering or d) Construction Engineering(BIM)

Languages and communication
Intercultural Communication 


Ylös / Up