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Information for Arriving Guests

Welcome to Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences!

On this page the visitors can find useful information related to arrival and accommodation in Seinäjoki, as well as other practical matters. 

  • Arrival to Seinäjoki
    Reach Seinäjoki by train

    Please check the schedules from VR's webpage: http://www.vr.fi/en/index.html
    Helsinki-Seinäjoki (fastest Pendolino train takes less than 3 hours)
    Tampere-Seinäjoki (fastest Pendolino train takes around 1h 10min)
    Vaasa-Seinäjoki (fastest Pendolino train takes around 45 minutes)
    Oulu-Seinäjoki (fastest Pendolino train takes a bit less than 3 hours) 

    Nearest flight connections

    Helsinki Airport
    Transportation from Helsinki airport: http://www.finavia.fi/en/helsinki-airport/to-and-from/bus-service/
    Easiest way is to take the P-train from the airport to Tikkurila railway station. You can then continue from there to Seinäjoki just by switching trains.

    Tampere Airport
    From Tampere airport you can take a bus to Tampere railway station: http://www.airpro.fi/bus-schedules
    You can then continue from Tampere railway station to Seinäjoki by train.

    Vaasa Airport
    You can take a taxi from Vaasa Airport to Vaasa railway station and continue from there to Seinäjoki by train.
    You can also take a taxi directly from Vaasa Airport to Seinäjoki; the trip takes around 1 hour and costs around 160€.

    From Seinäjoki railway station to Frami campus

    Seinäjoki taxi center is located at the railway station (in front of the station entrance). Telephone number for taxi centre is +358 100 84 999. The address of Frami campus area is Kampusranta 11, Seinäjoki. If you feel like walking the distance is only 1 km.

    See the map for walking here: MAP

  • Hotel accommodation
    Sokos Hotel Vaakuna
    Address: Kauppatori 3, Seinäjoki
    Tel.: +358 10 7648 100
    (0,0828 €/call + 0,17 €/min)
    Email: myyntipalvelu.seinajoki@sokoshotels.fi

    Sokos Hotel Lakeus
    Address: Torikatu 2, Seinäjoki
    Tel: +358 10 7648 100
    ( 0,0828 €/call + 0,17 €/min)
    Email: myyntipalvelu.seinajoki@sokoshotels.fi

    Hotelli Sorsanpesä

    Address: Törnäväntie 27, Seinäjoki
    Tel.: +358 20 7418 181 / center

    Cumulus Seinäjoki
    Address: Kauppakatu 10, Seinäjoki
    Tel.: +358 6 418 6111 | Fax: +358 6 418 6299
    Email: seinajoki.cumulus@restel.fi

    Hotelli-Ravintola Alma
    Address: Ruukintie 4, Seinäjoki
    Tel.: +358 6 4215200
    Email: alma@hotelalma.fi
  • Map of Frami campus area
    See a map of the Frami campus area here: MAP
  • Parking in the Frami area

    Those arriving by car come to Frami via Jouppilantie. The Frami area is parking restriction area so it is not possible to leave your car outside the designated parking areas.

    Information about the parking options:

    *     The 1st and 2nd floor of the parking building of Frami is available for guests at the price of 1.50 €/h or 9 €/day. Drive to the parking building and take a ticket from the machine at the entrance gate so that the gate will open. Take the ticket with you. Once you return to your car, pay the parking payment at the machine in the first floor using your ticket. Within 15 minutes of paying, drive to the exit and enter the payed ticket to the machine at the exit gate so that the gate will open.

    *     Seinäjoki UAS has a few free guest parking spaces in front of Frami F and Frami A buildings but they require a parking permit from the janitor. We advice the international guests arriving with a car to notify their contact person at Seinäjoki UAS beforehand for further advice.

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