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Development Projects

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A development project is aimed, for example, at the improvement of a company’s or organisation’s working methods or other practices or the planning of new ones. A development project is carried out in co-operation with a company or organisation, and can result in the creation of, for example, a data or quality system with documentation, a new or more developed working method or a computer programme.

Development projects implemented with project funding are usually extensive and involve many partners in co-operation.

A development project can also be carried out as a commission. The need for development may come directly from a company or organisation. A commissioned development project can be carried out completely funded by one company or organisation.

Seinäjoki UAS has solid experience in the implementation of extensive joint projects, and also in their required project planning, partner commitment and applications for funding.

Development projects carried out as theses. In a thesis, a development project and its related stages, actions and results are analysed and reported on in accordance with quality requirements set out for theses prepared at universities of applied sciences.

Development projects related to other courses
. A student may start a long-term development project before commencement of his/her thesis. In that case, the project can be linked, for example, to practical training or project studies.

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